Photoshop Tutorial – Eye Pop Technique

It’s Photoshop friday!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make the eyes really “pop” out in your kiddo’s portraits. Example:


And After:

Enjoy, and as always, let me know if you have any questions :)

Update: Em asked me to post the step by step instructions.. this is an easy one, so here goes!

1) Select the lasso tool from the tool bar and roughly make a selection around one eye. Hold down the shift key and make a selection around the other eye.

2) Go to layer, new, new layer via copy (or control J) to copy just the eyes onto a new layer.

3) Go to filter, other, highpass and set the radius to 10.

4) Change the layer mode (in your layers palette) from normal to soft light (you can also try overlay and see which you like better).

5) Choose the dodge tool and lighten up the iris of the eye.

6) Choose the sponge tool (make sure it’s set to saturate and not desaturate) and use a low opacity to saturate the eye color if desired.

7) Still on the eye layer, take a white brush with very low opacity and go over the whites of the eyes.

8) Duplicate the eye layer to increase the effect. Lower the opacity if the effect is too strong.

Hope that helps!

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Anna says:

Wow!!! Your tutorials are awesome!!!! THX

julie says:

This si the best tutorial I have found on this. Thanks a TON

ariana says:

Melissa, yes absolutely, perhaps even more so! You can also always adjust the amount of the effect using a higher or lower opacity brush and/or changing the opacity of the eye layers.

I used these techniques on this photo of a baby with very blue eyes:

I didn’t take that photo BTW, I just did the photoshopping. the original
is here

Melissa says:

I had thought. Jasper has such dark eyes, does this trick also work with lighter eyes eg. blue eyes? Would you have to do anything different? Thanks again!

Melissa says:

Ooooh, that’s an amazing difference. I really need to learn how to use Photoshop. Your tutorials are great. I’ll have lots of pictures to play with come June, so keep ’em coming!

Em says:

If you could type up the step by step instructions I would find that very helpful. The tutorial is a bit hard to duplicate without written instructions. Thanks–great job.

Jules says:

This was so awesome! Loved it, thanks. :)

Marie says:

thank you so much for teaching me this! Keep up the tutorials. I love them!

ariana says:

Doh! Sorry guys, I fixed the link :)

Mandy Rose says:

YES! I have been really wanting to do this to my picutres (especially after all your ADORABLE ones of Jasper). I know you should how to do it in your Maya tutorial, but it was the only thing I didn’t get. I actually tried to click on the link though and it says “not found”. Hmmm…I’ll try again in a few.

Angie says:

I can’t pull it up! It says not found. I really wanted to know this too!