Happy 6 Month Birthday Jasper!

Dear Jasper,

Today you are 1/2 a year old!

This past month was a big one because you started sitting up which must be a whole new exciting view for you. You also started eating solids which I’m sure must be nice after 5.5 months of only breastmilk. Yes, we’ve been holding out on you!  So far you’ve eaten sweet potatoes, squash, prunes, pears, apples and peaches (which gave you a rash).

Quite suddenly, sometime last week you stopped looking like a baby and started to look like a little boy! It makes me proud and sad all at the same time..  Every day now I have to go through your drawers and put away yet another article of clothing that you barely had a chance to wear before you outgrew it.

You have also discovered your will sometime in the past month. If you don’t get whatever toy or object that you want (most often the TV remote or whatever mug or glass we are drinking from) you will lunge at it and get very upset if you can’t have it.

You also finally figured out who mommy is! You cried for the first time when I left you at daycare this month.. and it simultaneously broke my heart and gave me a little satisfaction that you actually care whether I’m around or not.  This has been a double edged sword because it’s very sweet that we have bonded so much, but now you often cry when given to anyone else or even when I leave the room.

And even though Daddy makes fun of me, I will ALWAYS come to your rescue because I plan on savoring every single moment of this small window of time in your life where you want your mommy with you always, and I am painfully aware of how I will miss it when it’s over.

But for now, the world will have to be patient a while longer while I still have you to myself.


Your Mommy.

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kari says:

happy half a year Jasper! sorry i am late.
ariana – great note to your sweet boy – can you believe how quickly 6 months has gone by????
xoxo k and l

Nanette says:

Awwww, super sweet! Gorgeous photos, as always!

ariana says:

Wow, happy birthday jbhat! Good to know that you celebrate your half birthday because I’ll never forget when it is :)

jbhat says:

I loved that letter. And I know that feeling of being happy and sad at the same time, and realizing that babyhood and that baby’s mommy-love (this kind anyway) is fleeting.

Today is my real birthday, and my sister’s half-birthday. I am glad you marked his half-birthday, because my sister and I always celebrate ours.

ariana says:

Julie, I used a curtain from the guest room that we turned into Jasper’s nursery! Thank god I finally found a use for all the unused curtains I have in my closet :)

Julie says:

So sweet…What did you use for the background of the pics–I love it! He is a sweetie:)

ariana says:

Thanks Mandoo, I’m glad you liked the pictures.. my mom just said she thought they looked like porn! :(

Mrs. H says:

Your son is adorable and the letter you wrote to him made me tear up. He is lucky to have such a loving Mother!

mandoo says:

Those are great photos and this month’s letter was particularly sweet!