Crochet Flyer Hat

I am the proud product of a Waldorf School. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Waldorf Education, I won’t fill you in here because it would take eons, but I can say that there is a LOT of handwork involved.  So you would think that I’d be pretty crafty. But you’d be wrong!

Not to say that I don’t like doing crafts, or am not creative enough, I just have an issue with follow through.  In fact, more than 20 years later, our eighth grade sewing teacher STILL does not let me forget that I never finished my yellow and black plaid button up shirt (hey, it was the 80’s!).  All I had left to do was the buttons. But I never did.

Such is the story of me and most craft projects. So you can imagine how excited I was that I a) found a crochet hat pattern simple enough for a beginner like me could follow and b) that I actually FINISHED it!

Here is Jasper modeling his new Crochet Flyer Hat!

Mom, Why are you Making me Wear this Stupid Hat??

Mom, Why are you Making me Wear this Stupid Hat??

Notice that the little flap in the front can be worn up like in the first picture, or down like in the second.  Also notice that I should have ironed the right corner that is curling up and looking very funny in the second picture! (Also also notice that I should have ironed the grey curtain that got on clearance at target and am using as a backdrop for these pictures.)

Here’s a link to the pattern If anyone else wants to try it (you need to complete a free registration on the Lion website to be able to download/view their free patterns) and the picture from the pattern of what it is SUPPOSED to look like:

I should say that I needed to use a much bigger needle than the pattern called for which I realized when I checked the gauge. I used US 10, but the pattern initially called for US 6.  I also added a 5th (1 extra) row to the front flap because 4 looked much thinner to me than the pattern picture.  I used the infant size instructions for a 16″ head circumference, which is what Jasper’s was when I measured. It fits, but it’s a bit snug, so if your baby is over 6 months I’d definitely use the toddler instructions.

I think I feel a crochet addiction coming on..

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lelu says:

I’ve been thinking about learning to crochet for a while and that cute hat on Jasper was just the inspiration I needed. Off to buy some yarn…

Sheri says:

So cute! The kid and the hat. :)

Jessica says:

Oh, and Ravelry is awesome.

Lucy says:

Ariana, let me see what I can find.

ariana says:

Lucy, what a fabulous tip.. I’m off to register right now. But I need to get in NOW. I have a hat to make for a birthday girl for Saturday! Do you know of any easy beanie caps for 1 year old girls using chunky yarn?

Lucy says:

The hat is adorable (and not just because Jasper is so cute)!

You should check out a site called It’s for knitters and hookers (hee hee) and has tons and tons of patterns–lots of easy baby stuff. And it’s cross-referenced by type of yarn, so if you see a pattern you like, you can see what kind of yarn everyone else has made it in and how it looks. It’s a fabulous site. It’s technically still in beta, so you have to request an “invitation,” but that only takes a couple of days. Trust me, it’s well worth the wait.

Congratulations on your fantastic hat!

kari says:

good news for you, all you need are a few buttons and you are at the peak of chic! the yellow and black buffalo check thing is totally back in now (in fact i think ryan seacrest was sporting on on AI last week!)

ok – can we talk about the crochet flyer hat? as if jasper needed an accessory to make him any cuter… but it worked! absolutely cutey mccuterson! love!

ariana says:

Lou, I hope you live in a place someday that does have one, it is a wonderful wonderful education!

LOL Katie, you definitely summed it up well ;) Definitely you can do a beanie.. let me know how it goes if you try!

Katie says:

Ah! Our little cousin is a Waldorf grad in the making, complete with bread bakin’, linen napkin washin’, line dryin’, wooden block buildin’ skills:)

I just bought a crochete beanie off Etsy… maybe it’s time to pick up my knitting and crocheting needles/hooks and try my hand at my own! Thanks for the inspiration!

I love it!

I wish we had a local Waldorf school…I’ve read a lot about them and would seriously consider sending our son to one.