Jasper’s First Solids

After seeing so many posts that rice cereal constipated their babies and doing some research on wholesomebabyfood.com I decided that avocado would be the best food to start Jasper off with.

Jasper clearly did NOT agree!

He handled the spoon like a champ (probably because I’ve been feeding him prevacid and probiotics from a baby spoon for months now!) but definitely found the taste of the avocado to be lacking. I guess when you are used to strawberry flavored prevacid and breastmilk, avocado might taste rather bitter by comparison!

I think this face says it all:

first food

or maybe this one:


Now, what food to try next??

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Sarah says:

Its apparent your a parent when you can sit and watch another baby being fed and smile through the whole thing thinking, “Wow, good job buddy!” :~)

Have been trying cereal/oatmeal w/ Kaity on and off and she took it again last night better then before. So, slowly but surely she’ll get the hang of it. I can’t wait to feed her all the colors of the rainbow!

You guys are doing so good. Hard to believe that this month our babies will be 1/2 a year!! :(

p.s. A helpful tip for feeding clean up that I have used w/ all my kids is to use a baby washcloth. I just get a package of them and they last for a while, rather then use a hard paper towel or napkin, the clothes are much softer on the skin.

ariana says:

Claudia! I didn’t realize they were born so close together.. there’s a whole posse of us now with babes born around the same time :) Jordan is so cute!!

Claudia says:

I’m finally catching up on my blog reading. Jasper Jack is adorable and everytime I see him, he reminds me of my little man who was born a day after yours (Jordan Julian, so another JJ!).

Suzanne says:

Oh, I forgot to tell you to try a whole dill pickle. Just break out the video camera and put one on his tray and let him go for it!!

Suzanne says:

Hi Ariana! I loved the days of introducing foods for the 1st time, what fun! I went with bananas first and Dylan loved them. Even after hearing ‘if you give the fruits first they’ll never like veggies’ and then dylan’s favorites were peas and green beans. I just mashed up a banana and gave him some off of my finger. He was thrilled!

AND… OMG! Could Jasper BE any CUTER?!?!?!

ariana says:

I think I definitely didn’t mix enough breast milk in.. will have to try again!

I have heard about oatmeal too, problem is that it has gluten which Jasper is (of course!) sensitive to, so no oatmeal for him.

Kari, no, that’s his natural buzz cut. Have you had to cut Liam’s hair? He’s got so much!

If you’re worried about constipation, try oatmeal cereal instead of rice. Our pedi recommended it due to our baby having the same issues.
I agree with Melanie that the tastes (and textures) of fruits and vegetables while learning to eat in teh first place might be a little much for him for the first first go-round.

Also, mix whatever food you have with a good amount of breastmilk (or formula, whatever your baby primarily eats) to ease him into the new experience. I’ve never read about doing fruit or veggies first, but the first taste of cereal should be really liquid and soupy, then thicker as you move forward with it.

kari says:

Soooo stinkin’ cute, i love it! Isn’t it FUN!
also, love your hubbys sound effects!
We are doin the rice cereal thing, we tried a little banana last night and Liam wasn’t a big fan – i was surprised.
I guess we just need to keep at it!
hey – did Jasper get a haircut?

Melanie says:

I would try some kind of cereal first. the taste of fruit and veggies combined with “learning to eat” is a bit much to throw at him all at once! If oyu are worried about rice cereal and constipation, try Oatmeal cereal instead. then work your way through the veggies and fruits. just my opinion!

Maggie says:

DS loves pears – that was his first fruit and it went so well. He also love carrots. Apples, not so much. I have a funny picture in my blog, it makes me laugh every time I look at it!

Hayley says:

we started with avocado and, like Jasper, Noah wasn’t a huge fan. UNTIL, I mixed it with a good deal of breastmilk. And don’t give up…just because he doesn’t love it at first, doesn’t mean after 4 or 5 times that he won’t.

apparently our palettes can take up 20 times of tasting something to acquire a taste for it?? who knew!

Angela says:

Everything I found said to introduce by color…so we started on clear (apple, pear, banana) then moved to orange (carrots, mango, peaches, squash etc.) then green (green beans, peas, broccoli) then blue/black (berries and such)lastly we did combo dishes with pastas and rice/oatmeal. I made all our baby food, bought fresh veggies and fruits, cooked and stored. There are tons of recipes and info both online and in books. We used breastmilk to mix everything until we started on whole milk.

Good luck!

ariana says:

vtjill, my mom said we should have mixed it with something else sweeter like bananas.. that may have gone over better?

vtjill says:

He is a total doll! I loved watching that video. It makes me excited for feeding my little one in the coming month…although I was going to start with avocado as well.

ariana says:

Mandy, thanks, I’m so glad you liked the tutorials! I wasn’t sure b/c not too many people commented on them. I’ll do a few more!

OK, sweet potatoes sound good. Bonus b/c I love them too and have a few at the house already ;)

LOL jbhat, or sour cream. Sour cream makes EVERYthing better. Poor kid, I hope he outgrows or NAETS his way out of dairy allergy really soon b/c life without sour cream and cheese is no fun!

jbhat says:

Maybe he’ll like it more after he has it with chips and salsa. Mmm.

Farah says:

Sweet potato is a big hit at our house. Or steamed/smooshed apples. I use that website and make our own. Avocado was not a hit at our house either

Stephanie says:

Awww – he’s too cute!

Maybe sweet potato?

Mandy Rose says:

He is such a cutie! I have never given my lil guy avocado…but I must say…I’ll have to give it a try! I’ll hope his reaction is different than Jasper’s! haha!

I also wanted to THANK YOU for posting the Maya Tutorials! I spent all day yesterday playing with photoshop and I found your tutorials to be AWESOME!!! I have always wanted to learn a few things in photoshop, but never had someone to show me. Thank you so much and I hope you continue to do more tutorials in the future!!