It Takes a Village

Grandma with Jasper after bathtime..

Jeff has been on a business trip for 10 days now, and I can’t believe I even considered NOT moving in with my parents for the two weeks he has been away!

My initial resistance …

The Real Reason Jasper Won’t Sleep Anymore..

Ha! Just kidding. I wish it were as easy as him kicking a latte habit :)

But seriously, the time has come for a discussion of sleep, (or lack thereof.)

The dreaded four month wakeful period/sleep regression is fully upon …

The Power of the Bond

Gratuitous Jasper Photo..

Before I forget, I have a strange little story to relay that you breastfeeding moms may appreciate..

New Years Eve we went to my parents’ house for a small party with some of their friends.  Jasper was …

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Coconut Cardamom Pumpkin Pie

Over christmas I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself that I couldn’t have a slice of my mother’s famously delicious pumpkin or apple pie due to Jasper’s dairy & gluten sensitivities.

One of the only ways I’m keeping …

One of the Reasons We Miss Daddy.. because NO one makes Jasper belly laugh the way daddy does!

Holiday Ups and Downs..

Overall we had a wonderful Holiday… Jasper got to meet all of his cousins on Jeff’s side on Christmas eve:

Then we had a quiet Christmas at home just me, Jasper, Jeff and my mom and dad for brunch.

The …