Photoshop Tutorial Maya Part II

I don’t know how useful you found Part I, but Part II is up and running!

Question For those of you that watched: I know I was rushing because the longer the tutorial the huger the file, were there things you found confusing that I should elaborate on in future tutorials?

Part II includes layer masks which can be a hard concept to grasp, but once you get it it’s like the skies open and there is SO much you can do!

So I hope I did the topic justice, let me know what needs more explaining or what you would like to see more of..

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Mandy Rose says:

Thank you for doing these tutorials! I have been needing some photoshop 101 for a L O N G time!!! I can’t wait to play around some!

Did I mention that Jasper might be the cutest lil guy ever? Seriously, he is one good looking baby (and I am not just saying that).

Lisa says:

These tutorials are wonderful – thanks! I’ve used Photoshop for a few years at work but am still very much a novice. With a baby on the way and a new DSLR in my future, I’m eager to learn as much as I can. Looking forward to more tutorials!