Sorry for the Delay..

I know, I had really hoped to post my first tutorial by now, but I have a good (well, bad really) excuse, Jasper has been sick. And of course, Jeff came back sick from Hong Kong, so I almost had a melt down the first night home from my parents’ house with a sick baby and no help!

It was Jasper’s first fever if you don’t count the one he was born with that went away in a few hours. Other than a fever he has just had a lot of mucousy stools and has been spitting up (vomiting?) and been generally whiny for days.  He also has NOT let me put him down!

I think being sick makes his reflux flare because he has woken up SCREAMING several times during the past two nights and has been crying/fussing/pulling off the breast.  Fun times.

Anyway, I’ve been working on doing a screencast of the tutorial because it’s so much more instructive than writing, but haven’t had much of a quiet moment to record it.

Soon, I promise!

In the meantime, check out this post from LA Stylist mom on stylish nursing wear:

and today’s bargain on wearable sleeping bags from

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Sara says:

Shoot! I just missed the new mamabargains in the size I need. Thank you for reminding me to check that site more often so I don’t keep missing out. And Jasper is just as cute as ever! Hope he’s on the mend.