Photoshop Tutorial Maya Part I

I finally did it! I had to break this one tutorial down into three parts because the file sizes are so damn big.. and there are a lot more ums and ahs than I would have liked, but I hope I at least get the point across.

So here is the before and after of Sharoni’s (aka California girl’s) daughter Maya:

And After:

Note that the after is what we will arrive at after part III and I’ve only got Part I uploaded, but hopefully that will keep you coming back for more :)

I had to record the screencast in a really small area to keep the file size down so somethings might not be as clear as I would have liked. Post any questions you have here (or there) and enjoy!

Photoshop Tutorial Maya Part I of III

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ariana says:

Thanks guys! I used to be a singer songwriter, so I’m used to hearing my singing voice but not my talking voice.. blech! ;)

Jenn, send to photos at becoming-mom dot net.

Molly says:

Great job! I think I can go in there and try to play around with some things. I will try to post some before and after shots in my blog in the next couple of days. By the way, you have a nice calming voice tone. You should be on talk radio!

jenn says:

i want to send a pic in but can’t seem to find an email address?? i need to use you send it, btw!

Stephanie says:

This is really fantastic, Ariana. What a clever mama you are! :-)

Nanette says:

Hey, I know that little cutie! Great job!

Sara says:

You answered my question perfectly, thank you!

jbhat says:

Oh, and Maya is just as sweet as can be. What a cutie.

jbhat says:

I have never used Photoshop, but I think my husband has it, so maybe I can play around with it. It doesn’t look that scary after your tutorial. And what a lovely speaking voice you have!

Woohoo, there’s my girl! How exciting!! Thanks for the excellent tutorials, Ariana!

ariana says:

Sara, this is actually a really excellent question. The answer is sort of complicated.. yes and no. Yes, so much depends on just personal preference. If you like the way a warmer picture looks, then that is your interpretation. But there is what is technically considered a correct or “accurate” skin tone and a fairly complicated method of achieving it that’s a bit much to go into here, but maybe I’ll do another tutorial on that, it’s a worthy subject! :)

Sara says:

If you would rather email me, that would be fine too :)

Sara says:

Question: is the color correction a matter of preference? I always have issues with the color because I see things one way and my husband sees them another so I think my pictures tend to be warmer than they “should”. Is there a “set” way a final picture should look? Am I making ANY sense? Probably not.

Gaby says:

Hi! Long time fan of your blog and just now delurking! I am so excited to see the other tutorials. I have lame photoshop elements at work and there is no “curve” adjustment layer. But I made it work anyway…as best I could. I’ll post my before and after [tomorrow] on this blog – [not the one on my link].

morgan says:

great tutorial. Im a self taught photoshop gal, im a big fan of Image Adjust – Autolevels…lol. Im excited to see the next two, thanks!