Send me your photos that need editing!

I have a busy morning, but will hopefully be able to post my first photoshop tutorial this afternoon.

Of course I have lots of pictures from my files, but I thought it would be fun to actually use photos of your babies that you think need some tweaking!

The only requirement is that they not be taken with the flash on and that the file be the original size that came out of your camera (not reduced for the web). Bonus if you do have it posted somewhere that I can just grab it at full size on the web (like flickr or picassa).. just post the link in a comment here.

If you don’t have it hosted, send to photos at becoming-mom dot net. Please, if your file is over 3 MB, use to send the files.

Thanks, I look forward to seeing pictures of all your little ones!

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Kiran says:

Hi Ariana

I know this post is really old but I was just browsing through and thought i will try my luck. I am just starting to learn about tweaking photos etc. I have an XTi and which so far i have only used as a point and shoot.

Complements on your lovely website. It is fun to read about your experiences. I am a couple months behind you with my li’l boy so it is a great help to read similar experiences.

Jamie says:

Sorry if this is a duplicate! I didn’t see the comment posted :)

Sara says:

Waiting (im)patiently over here for the tutorial :) Can’t wait to learn, learn, learn.

kari says:

oh girl… you are going to get sooo many requests!!
including one from me! :)

Maggie says:

you’ve got mail – thanks for teaching all of us! i can’t wait!