The Power of the Bond

Gratuitous Jasper Photo..

Before I forget, I have a strange little story to relay that you breastfeeding moms may appreciate..

New Years Eve we went to my parents’ house for a small party with some of their friends.  Jasper was doing his normal “I will sleep when I am dead” routine, only worse than normal.

It took us AGES to get him down, and then some imbecile wandered into the room where he was sleeping and woke him up. Jasper proceeded to wake up crying every 15 minutes for a good 2 hours thereafter (thank you four month wakeful!) and Jeff and I tag teamed going in to soothe him back down.

There was point where Jeff came back in from putting him down and declared “He’s Out” with enough confidence and hubris that he actually turned the sound down on the monitor which he placed on the coffee table just to the left of me.

I was deep in conversation and sort of nodded “Okay Great” and went back to talking..

A minute or so later I got the unmistakable sensation of my milk letting down.  (My let down is very strong – imagine the sensation of your breasts being squeezed in a vice and then multiply it by 100!)

The weird thing is that I haven’t had a let down randomly – i.e while NOT nursing – since the early days of leaking, engorgement etc. probably since month 2 or so?

Anyway, the sensation made me think of Jasper of course, so I turned my head and looked at the monitor that was not in my line of vision before and guess what? It was red lining.. Jasper was awake and crying.

I couldn’t hear it but my breasts obviously did!

How wonderful, powerful and bizarre is this physical/emotional connection we have with our babies that our bodies could respond to their cry without us even knowing they were crying?

It leaves me speechless..

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Besma says:

Hey, again I have to say I just stumbled upon your blog. And yes, that is so true I used to wake up at night a minute before my baby does and just turn my head towards his cot and he’d wake up at that exact time. This continued way past his 2nd B-day, even after I stopped nursing him and he moved to his own room. I’d wake up in the middle of the night and just look at the monitor knowing the red light will light-up. One night I woke up startled and replied to my son, he was 4. My husband told me that our son wasn’t calling and I told him that I must have been dreaming as I heard my son calling out to me. Right after, my son walked into our bedroom. Yes, the bond does continue way after you stop nursing. Oh, and going back to when he was a breastfeeding baby, I went back to work when he was 6 months and would come back during my break to feed him. My son would stand at the door of his room and call out to me at the same time I’d walk into the house. As I would walk up the stairs slowly, I would hear my babysitter tell him that mama isn’t home yet. This happened so many time, I came to believe that my son senses my arrival before he sees me. I love him to death

gaby says:

agree with you gabrielle =)

gaby says:

aww lovely and funny story, and so true! we r forever linked to our babies in one way or the other and a lot of them physical still-even if we dont realize. i remember once my 1st baby had to have a blood test, one of the worsts experiences of my life. he cried so much i felt like somebody was ripping my womb off! that is the strange thing i didnt feel as much pain in my chest as i did in my womb, horrible, will never forget. mums, we have an invisible umbilical cord forever! best wishes to all. gaby – london

Gabrielle says:

Isn’t it amazing how our hole body and spirit are strongly connected with our babies!! almost the same happened to me the time I was breast feeding my girl. My breast were leaking a minute or so before she awoke. It’s as if my breast had a brain of their own! Nature’s miracle.

I love that picture! I don’t BF, but that’s a fabulous testimonial!

Grace says:

Another vote for the photo tutorial! :)

I also wake up a few minutes before my little guy does. I definitely appreciate not being jarred out of deep sleep by a crying baby and love that it gives me a chance to use the bathroom before becoming stationary for at least half and hour! :)

Sarah says:

What’s funny is I would be talking to a friend at work and just cross my arms and then all of a sudden I would let down!! Then I’d have to put pressure on them because they hurt ( I feel you let down pain!) so bad.

I’ve even been shopping and heard a baby cry and let down too. It is amazing.

Photo posts would be a great teaching tool for us :)

Happy New Year!

Rachel says:

I would also love photo posts! I have the xsi and the same portrait lens as you…what setting do you have the camera on for the shots you take? Do you use the green fully automatic or the manual settings? I have my newborn son I’m using as my model right now. :)

vtjill says:

I would love some photoshop/photography posts as well. I always notice how clear and crisp your pictures look. So beautiful!

elizabeth says:

I would LOVE some photoshop/photography posts!!!

julie says:

Congratulations on your sweet Jasper Ariana. He is too cute. And that nursery is perfection. Nice job. :)

Kath says:

I loved that story, Ariana!
I wake up just before my little guy does, too! It’s a good opportunity for me to use the potty before I have to pick him up and realize, too late, how full my bladder is.

monica says:

What the!?!?! That’s some crazy stuff!

Sara says:

Funny, it’s been a couple of years since we quit breastfeeding and I still get the feeling sometimes, especially when my daughter is really upset or emotional. It can also happen when I hold a baby or think about having another one myself… The body is amazing!

ariana says:

Georgette, I should have titled this post “The Power of the Boob!”

Kari, I always used to get that too (the reminder let down) but haven’t in a while..I miss it, it was like an alarm clock. Now I routinely pump an hour late.

TheRightWife, thanks! I use a canon digital rebel xsi and a portrait lens… most of the magic happens in photoshop though! But a decent camera does help and this photo actually wasn’t manipulated much at all. I’m thinking of doing a series of photography/photoshop related posts but wasn’t sure if it would be of interest or not..?

kari says:

it truly IS amazing! now that I am back to work and pumping way more than i want to.. it is that let down that reminds me “PUMP NOW”! and its funny, the daycare provider tells me when she fed him his bottles, and so far every day it has pretty much coincided w/ my pumping sessions.

Georgette says:

Who needs moniters when you have lactating boobs?

TheRightWife says:

It is amazing! My little guy is only 11 days old now, but I’m definitely experiencing the strange waking up right before he does phenomenon.

Jasper is gorgeous!

What camera do you use?

ariana says:

Jessica, that’s very true..

Jessica says:

it is truly amazing, isnt it?! hehe. I think the first year(at least) we are still ‘pregnant’ in so many ways … growing and nourishing this sweet new being physically, emotionally and growing ourselves as parents as well. Only difference being that theyre on the ‘outside’ now.

ariana says:

Jill, I hope it is very very soon!

Jill says:

I have heard of this before but for some reason listening to you tell this story brought chills to my body. Crazy how things work like that!?! I can’t wait to experience those things!

ariana says:

trying, I wish! No, my Auntie Diane who lives in Scotland did, she’s a brilliant knitter. You will DIE when you see the gorgeous sweaters she knit him! Thanks for reminding me to photograph them. You have an email coming your way…and I’m editing yours out of the comment so you don’t get spam :)

tryingin2007 says:

what a gorgeous photo! did you knit that hat? it looks like a silk/cotton mix or even bamboo.

email me my friend, so I can give you my fb info.

Mandy Rose says:

I love your lil guy!! He is a DOLL!!! I just found your blog and love it.

ariana says:

Yes! That too..

Brooke says:

Isn’t it amazing? I’ve also noticed I’ll wake up at night right before he does.