One of the Reasons We Miss Daddy.. because NO one makes Jasper belly laugh the way daddy does!

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Brie says:

Awww it’s so sweet to see a Daddy like that! All the videos are so great. I hope my husband is like that with ours – who is due very soon!

Jeff says:

Awww, daddy misses you too!

My baby has so much more FUN with daddy, too! Baby and I have a good time together, but nothing like the giggles and squeals that daddy gets. I love it!

ariana says:

Yep isn’t it amazing? Like a whole new world.. seriously the best spent money out of all the baby stuff we got!

Sara says:

Gah! The cuteness! It kills me :) Those belly laughs just get me every time.

Also, I am absolutely loving the DSLR–you’re so right, it really is the best thing ever. The pictures are SO MUCH BETTER.