NAET Treatments and Progress

I promised in this post to write about what the NAET treatment protocol is like, so it’s back to discussing GI Jasper for a bit..though stay tuned because I’m going to post a Charmed & Dangerous giveaway this afternoon!

Adults …

First Carbon Monoxide, Now Gas!

Can you believe it? First we had to be evacuated from home because our 1960’s broiler was leaking Carbon Monoxide.. and now, it’s apparantly leaking gas!

We have a home warranty, and the Home Warranty company refused to replace the …

A Child in Sheeps Clothing..

That is the slogan for Mokopuna, an Australian based manufacturer of children’s and babie’s 100% merino wool clothing. My mom found their products via this website that has very reasonable $5 flat rate shipping.

Why I love them:

1) …

A Journey into NAET

As I posted here, I wasn’t convinced Jasper’s rash was food related. I wanted to blame it on the prevacid. Or the mother’s milk tea. I really wanted to be able to eat food and not stress that it …

TED is Dead.

Time for a little game of catch up!

The day after thanksgiving (oh the irony!!) after 2.5 weeks I gave up on TED, the Dr. Sears recommended Total Elimination Diet.

One reason was that I just wasn’t seeing the kind …

Evacuated from Home

There is so much going on currently in the Jasper’s digestion/refulx/allergies saga that I haven’t had time to blog about it.. and of course every day that I put it off there’s more to write about…will update soon.

But for …

Jasper Discovers His Feet

Happy 15 weeks baby boy!

What a Difference a Year Can Make

In the span of one year, this:

turned into this:

The universe is good!