Jasper’s Birth Video

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah or whatever you may celebrate! I spent some of my time off putting together photos and video footage we have of Jasper into little montages. As you can see, I’m a bit behind…

At this rate, I’ll be posting a video of Jasper’s 1st birthday when he’s graduating high school! Oh well, better late than never right?

Tomorrow I’ll post the “Jasper’s first two weeks” video which is cuter and more fun because it has more videos of Jasper himself rather than me looking like a beached whale (can you believe my stomach in the “jacuzzi” clip?? )

Just wanted to mention – in case you were worried – that even though it is a “birth” video there are no money shots, everything has been carefully edited for public consumption on the internets! ;)

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I am neither a stalker nor a crier, but must tell you that that made me ball!! Congratulations to both you and your husband…

ariana says:

Whoa Jules, that’s so cool!

Jules says:

I knew I recognized that voice. I was college roommates with his brother–this was when he just had a little demo of his first album. It had Walk Away and one other song. Walk Away is one of my favorite songs. Great choice!

ariana says:

Thanks Dyan! Did you ever get my thank you email for Sophie? Jasper loves her!! It really is the perfect first baby toy.

Dyan says:

How beautiful!
You are so talented Ariana…so talented!

ariana says:

Jules, yes, it’s Ben Harper – Waiting on an Angel. We used it in our wedding video too. I would have liked to have found something different but it seemed so appropriate. (Finding the right song is the hardest part of doing these videos!)

Thanks Dawn! I’m sure your montages will blow mine away because you are both such amazing photographers.. you are so lucky that Walter likes taking pictures. Notice how it seems like Jasper was born via immaculate conception…I barely make an appearance. But Daddy is in every frame! ;)

Dawn says:

Damn! I forgot to mention (stupid sleep deprived state at 4am) that the video reminds me of the DAYS where I kept checking your blog and for awhile nothing was up, so I knew SOMETHING was up, and then we all just stared at the two photos of Jasper that Roxanna had kind of tried to post. I stared at those photos FOREVER and couldn’t wait to hear everything. I am so happy for you all. Thought Jasper might want to know that in twenty years.

Dawn says:

Just beautiful, Ari! I love the clips of Jeff talking in the hospital. You will enjoy this video forever! Want to do my kids’ now? And by the way – you look beautiful!

Bobbie says:

Thanks for making the pregnant lady cry like a baby. Seriously, it’s a lovely video!

Jules says:

That was awesome! Was that a Ben Harper song?

Melanie says:

omg, i’m SO tearing up right now… it’s such a wonderful memory to have on video!! isn’t it amazing how quickly they grow and change!?

leah says:

oh you need to have a warning that says Dont not watch at work my cause you to cry. That is so sweet. It will be something you guys can look back on for years to come.