It Was a Short-Lived Holiday Miracle..

Thursday night we decided we were going to put Jasper to bed at 8pm. He didn’t seem tired, but we decided it SHOULD be bedtime and so we did our little routine and swaddled him with one arm out (a new thing for us) and his teddy bear and paci.  We put him in his co-sleeper basinette next to our bed and turned on the projection and rain sound on his baby crack machine.

He proceeded to babble and talk to the projection for about 30 minutes, during which time I was laying out of view on our bed next to him and got sleepy and had almost dozed off myself when I realized I hand’t heard a sound for 2 minutes..

Yes, he had babbled himself happily to sleep!!!

This was a clouds-part-and-angels-sing moment. And he even repeated the performance Friday for two of his naps. And ever since then, (because it was apparently just too good to be true) he’s back to totally fussing/crying if we put him down awake. But the good news is that I know it CAN be done and I am determined to figure out how.

I’m hoping that the difference was just that he wasn’t overtired the first time and the other times he was? So tonight we are going to do the same thing and put him down at 8 whether he seems tired or not.

Oh, and he even slept completely unswaddled Saturday night!

It kills me to report that we had to take a step backwards from that, but it seems like too much at once to do the awake but sleepy putting down AND operation unswaddle all at once, so I swaddled him with one arm out again last night. Actually I tried two arms out and he startled himself awake 5 times after he finally drifted off (grrrr!). The thing is that his right hand gets wildly out of control when he’s overtired.. he flails it around like he’s swimming, so for now I think it needs to be swaddled.

I really hope tonight goes well because my parents are babysitting the next night and I’d like for them to be able to put him down without bouncing him, but to ask them to endure the 30-40 min. of fussing before he goes out is a bit much!

In other news– we were snowed in for Jasper’s four month well visit Friday. They can’t reschedule us until January 2nd, at which point he’ll be 4.5 months, so I was sad because I want to see how his growth is doing.

Yesterday we had a NAET appointment which is at his pedi’s office so I asked the awesome office manager if I could weigh and measure him because of the missed appointment and she helped me do both..

He was 15lbs and 25 inches tall!

The weight is fine, but what really excited me is his height.. I don’t know if you remember the third trimester femur length scare and that he was only 19 inches when born ( which is the average height of a 36 week old fetus!)

It seems he’s now closer to the 50th percentile for height, which is up from the 5-10th percentile he had been in. So he’s had some kind of crazy growth spurt in length recently. Which totally explains why he barely fits into even his 6 month clothes anymore!

My little guy is getting so big.. :)

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jbhat says:

I loved reading about the holiday miracle. Just keep hanging in there, and remember the key to any issue with your kiddo is for the parent to remain consistent. (That will help later when GI Jasper turns into the NO Monster.)

I’m so happy for you! And merry Christmas eve to all of you.


Katie says:

oh i forgot to mention you are a great photographer!

Katie says:

I love reading your blog about your son! He is a very handsome little guy! I just had my little girl Cecilia in October and well I can relate to some of your earlier posts! I also love the way your blog reads. I can’t quite name the style but it is great!

Happy Holidays! I hope your little guy Enjoys his first Christmas!

Sarah says:

That is wonderful that you got him weighed! Its too funny because Kaity is the exact same length and weight! We started cereal the other night. Not doing it every night, but check out our blog and you’ll see how she did :) She is such a joy to us! Merry Christmas~

Your pictures are fantastic–what a cutie!

Don’t worry about having him sleep unswaddled yet. My doctor said we could swaddle as long as baby liked it, and he would definitely let us know when he didn’t want it any more. If he sleeps well swaddled, you’re only helping both of you by continuing the routine.

If you get him into the sleep pattern of going down awake, swaddled, with baby crack running for a few weeks (maybe even a month or more) don’t you think it will be much easier to eliminate the swaddle once the rest of his sleep routine is in place? Just a thought!

I think you’re doing a great job!