Happy Four Months Jasper!

Dear Jasper,

Today you are four months old and there is a big snowstorm (your first!) to commemorate the occasion.

You are such a pleasant little being, so smiley and sweet that everyone loves to be around you. You are ticklish on your tummy and your thighs, and when daddy kisses and zerberts your neck you let out big belly laughs that are music to my ears.

You have the strongest legs and you love to stand and move around in your excersaucer and experiment with all of the toys (seeing how many you can fit into your mouth at one time!)

You still haven’t rolled over yet, but you are much more confident and strong on your tummy and with Daddy doing rollover bootcamp with you everyday it’s just a matter of time.

One of the biggest changes from last month is that you can grab and hold everything now. You used to just stare at the toys hanging from your playmat, now you reach up and grab and pull on them!

You still love your bathtime, but now that you’ve mastered using your limbs you like to splash around in the tub and make a big mess. You also make the cutest little sighs and sounds in the tub that you don’t make anywhere else.

You don’t like sitting much, at least not in either of the bouncy chairs or swings we bought you, but you don’t mind sitting in the bebepod or just on your own on the floor. We still have to hold you up a little, but you are almost able to balance your self sitting all by yourself for short periods of time.

One of the best changes to happen this month is that you have gotten a little bit more cuddly and don’t mind so much being held against our chests and I steal cuddles and kisses from my little independent man when are wherever I can.

I can’t wait to see what 5 months will bring!


Your Mommy.

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Jessica C says:

In the second picture his smile so so beautiful and you can even see it in his eyes.

ariana says:

Thanks guys..
Jbhat, I do tear up a little thinking of all the reasons I love my little guy :)

jbhat says:

Ariana, your letters to Jasper just tug at my heartstrings. Do you cry a little bit when you write them? :) And he is so darn CUTE!

kari says:

Happy Birthday Jasper!!!

Morgan says:

Could he be any cuter?! i love his little eyebrow expressions! I hope you guys have a great christmas!