It was a fluke :(

The best.night.ever was followed by Jasper waking up every two hours or so.

As usual, I’m never sure the reason (is it 4 month old wakeful? gas? hunger?) but I always end up just feeding him because its the quickest way to get him back to sleep.  I think it actually was gas pain because he let out some pretty loud and stinky farts (my bad for eating beef last night which is one of his “weak” foods according to NAET).  When I let him eat it seems to help him pass the gas more easily and also puts him back out, so even though I’m probably creating bad habits I feed him anyway.. a working mom has to get some sleep once in a while!

Thank you for all your sleep training stories, I ordered a bunch of books on Amazon and am going to seriously study up and get a plan.

We did actually try some of your suggestions last night. We did a little routine which included three songs and a story and the boob.  I also gave him a pooh stuffed bear that I will keep giving at sleep time (a lovey that we can get another one of if necessary!) He was exhausted but when I put him down in bed unswaddled he wanted nothing to do with going to sleep.

I called in Jeff for reinforcements (my back has been so bad lately!). Jeff swaddled him with one arm out and he went down pretty easily after that. He actually was a tiny bit awake when Jeff put him down.. he let out a cry, turned his head and was out. So that’s some progress at least.

I’m going to have for dinner tonight what I had for dinner the best.night.ever and see if we have a repeat performance..

Wish us luck!

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ariana says:

Thanks for the support guys.

Stephanie, I recently discovered Askmoxie and its amazing! ;)

Kath says:

Don’t despair!! My little one has awesome nights, followed by not so awesome. Keep doing what your mommy instinct tells you to do. I, too, nurse at night. I feel like no matter what you do, there is always a risk of some “bad habit” forming and, DUDE, I am sick of worrying! The worry just makes the baby more fussy, don’t you think? Everyone has been advising me to just be patient and let him grow a little…but then Little J doesn’t have Jasper’s tummy troubles.

Stephanie says:

A great to check out for help with sleep, if you haven’t already, is Ask Moxie.

We feed our baby if he wakes up and cries for more than about 15 seconds! I think babies generally wake up if they’re hungry, so why prolong their agony? I take an Early Childhood Education class, and the teacher once said that we might be creating bad habits, but “habits can be broken.” You have to do what’s right for you at the time. Everything can be corrected in the long run.

jbhat says:

I wish you so much luck! You know, every baby is different, and what works for one may not necessarily work for another. And of course, the minute you think you are successfully settled into a routine, they start growing and changing and you have to start all over with them.