First Carbon Monoxide, Now Gas!

Can you believe it? First we had to be evacuated from home because our 1960’s broiler was leaking Carbon Monoxide.. and now, it’s apparantly leaking gas!

We have a home warranty, and the Home Warranty company refused to replace the broiler once the crack pot plumber they sent (seriously, his business name is “MR. Plumber!”) said it could be cleaned out instead of replaced.  So he cleans it out and goes on his merry way.

Thank goodness Jeff was home from work today and the good people at our utility company Orange & Rockland like to follow up on these cases.

The inspector returned today and said that the Carbon leak was fixed, but when the plumber reconnected the gas pipe he did it with the wrong tool and somehow damaged the pipe so it is now leaking gas.


Seriously though, there is someone looking out for us.. first the fact that we had the carbon monoxide detector in the first place and second that Jeff was home today. Otherwise we might not have bothered to have scheduled the utility company to come back.

Sometimes being a homeowner is a little bit frightening.

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Lisa says:

I sympathize. The other day we had a bit of a scare with our wood burning stove (involving something outside of the stove catching on fire), and learned that our smoke detectors aren’t working for some reason.

It would seriously suck if a real, dangerous fire started in the house when we were sleeping and we never noticed until it was too late because our detectors were malfunctioning. Makes me thankful for the little scares that inform you of bigger problems.

jbhat says:

Seriously! 2009 will be your year.

Kristin says:

I really hope all these hurdles end soon. You guys have been through enough!!! May the new year bring you peace, sleep, and some merry days :)

mandoo says:

Sometimes all the stars align… So glad Jeff was home and everything was double-checked! I generally have tons of trouble with utility companies, but they ALWAYS take leaks very very seriously because the consequences of not doing so are so high! Hope you get it fixed and that the home warranty people buck up!