A Child in Sheeps Clothing..

That is the slogan for Mokopuna, an Australian based manufacturer of children’s and babie’s 100% merino wool clothing. My mom found their products via this website that has very reasonable $5 flat rate shipping.

Why I love them:

1) I hate that MOST warm baby outfits (i.e. fleecy) are 100% polyester. I much prefer that Jasper wear natural materials next to his skin.

2) He needs the extra layers during the day because he drools through his clothing and at night because he is still using the miracle blanket (which is just a thin layer of cotton) and we have a drafty old house

3) They make baby legs that are warm and thin enough to go under pants like Jeans which aren’t so soft or warm. It’s also nice to put them on with a long sleeved onesie underneath a romper because they make for easy diaper changes.

4) Natural wool is odor resistant, offers UV protection and is cooling in the summer and warm in the winter. Also retains warmth when wet unlike cotton and other fibers.

5) They are machine washable and can even go in the dryer!

6) They come in REALLY cute packaging (see below) perfect for gift giving.

6) Because Jeff thinks the baby legs look like legwarmers (i.e. “gay”) and I like to bug him. Just kidding. (Ok, they do look a little “fruity” when Jasper wears them with his gay pride wool booties!)

I thought you all might appreciate a break from me discussing Jasper’s GI all the time!

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ariana says:

molly, I tried to post on your blog but for some reason couldn’t. but anyway, wow, Landon is so advanced rolling from back to tummy already! You must be so proud :)

Molly says:

Wow, I like this recommendation. I need to pay more attention to what is up against my baby boy’s skin!

ariana says:

Oh, and the credit for this find goes to my mom!

ariana says:

Chantal, yes, I suppose it’s colder than tights, but if it’s not winter it wouldn’t matter so much! For boys (and girls) I think they are just nice to wear under pants or sleepwear as an extra layer without an additional crotch snap thing!

I’ve heard the baby legs brand are too thick to wear under pants? I don’t know first hand because I haven’t actually tried them!

Chantal says:

i’m allergic to wool and i think annora has skin as sensitive as mine, otherwise i’d be all over this stuff! how do you find all this cool stuff anyway?

i was looking at babylegs this morning but i don’t really understand when annora would wear them. wouldn’t the tops of her legs get cold? i must be missing something because another girl online was raving about them the other day, too. if you’ve got a second please shed some light for me!

lol, gay pride booties!

Farah says:

Oh so cute. I get hte same reaction from my Husband when MT wears babylegs. I wish you much success with Jaspers GI situation. THan you for educating me on all the treatments you are persuing

ariana says:

LOL @ “GI Jasper” I think I’m going to start calling him that!

jbhat says:

Adorable stuff, and I agree with you on all those reasons why they seem like a great business.

Talk all you need to about GI Jasper. We are here for you!