Jasper Discovers His Feet

Happy 15 weeks baby boy!

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ariana says:

No, unfortunately he’s as bad as ever. I think he has some serious food allergies.. just haven’t had the time to blog about everything going on :(

tryingin2007 says:

happy 15 weeks! wow!

did the probiotic drops help at all?

Kirsten says:

so very sweet :-)

Jessica says:

I paged you on the 0-6 board regarding the elimination diet but I’ll post the same thing here just in case its easier –

I saw your response to my post regarding the elimination diet – how did it work out? did you notice that Jasper became less fussy after eliminating foods??

What did you typical daily diet look like? (or consist of)

Thanks so much!!

Melanie says:

so sweet!! wait til you go to change his diaper and all he wants to do is eat his feet! it’s so cute :-)

Adorable! I can’t wait for my guy!

ariana says:

LOL, yes, he’s like jekyl and hyde.. when he’s good he’s very very good and when he’s bad he’s very very bad! Sometimes I think he’s like a different person at night.. and I’m relieved when he wakes up and I see my happy guy again :)

mandoo says:

I love these movies of Jasper as happy healthy baby boy. It makes your posts about long nights and acid reflux really hard to imagine as he always seems so happy and to be thriving in every way.