TRU and BRU Black Friday Doorbusters

If you are brave enough to battle the masses, click here to see a PDF of all of the sale and door buster items at BRU and TRU this weekend..

Here are the things that caught my eye:

Fisher Price Rainforrest Bouncy Chair

Fisher Price Rainforrest Bouncy Chair

I am definitely getting this for Jasper. I had been looking for a used one, but at this price (plus our 10% employee discount) it’s cheaper to get it new!

Digital Brag Tags

Digital Brag Tags

50% off digital brag tags.. the digital keychain/photo frame that my best friend gave me for my birthday is my favorite cheesy mom item. I don’t have a wallet so had been wondering where I would store pictures of Jasper and this is the brilliant solution. Best of all, you can change them out as baby grows. They make cute stocking stuffers too!

Baby Einstein Jumper

Baby Einstein Jumper

I have also been wanted to get Jasper the Rainforest Jumperoo.. the price of this one has me reconsidering. The only advantage to this one seems to be that the toys can be changed out as baby gets bored of them. But the reviews are 4 stars for this at and 5 stars for the rainforest jumperoo so I may stick with the original plan!

Speaking of the Jumperoo, I have a funny story..

Jeff & I were at the mall two weekends ago and we sat down at a bench so I could breast feed Jasper. We ended up sitting next to a couple who were also feeding their daughter and started chatting. Somehow we discovered that we both delivered at Phelps hospital and had the same back up OB assisting (the one I LOVED!) and we exchanged cards so we could set up a playdate.

So this past Sunday we went to their beautiful home (with a gorgeous view of the Hudson River) to watch the Giants game and hang out. I was so excited when I walked into the living room and saw the Rainforest Jumperoo so I could see if Jasper likes it before we purchase it for him (see, I’m learning!).

We’re having snacks and hanging out at the table and Jasper is sitting in the Jumperoo, completely silent and just staring straight ahead at one of the gizmos on the front.

“Oh look” we say, “He’s mesmerized by the lights and sounds!

A few minutes later he starts to fuss and I take him out of the Jumperoo and notice that his pants feel soaked.. fearing a pee leak I investigate..

Nope, it’s not pee but rather a huge fluorescent green poop explosion! He’s never had one that bad before (and of course it’s the one time I didn’t bring an extra outfit!) Luckily Ami had a long sleeve onesie, some sweatpants and socks Jasper could fit into so we could make it home with him.

Mesmerized my ass, I should have recognized the poop face (deep, deep concentration) when I saw it.

Thank god the poop didn’t get onto the fabric harness part of their Jumperoo, I would have felt terrible.

Unfortunately though, the poop skewed the results of our “Does Jasper like the Jumperoo Experiment!”


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jbhat says:

Clean canvas, lol. We called it “liking a fresh bowl,” a la George Costanza from Seinfeld. Our kiddo always pooped right after a new diaper was on too.

ariana says:

Emily, I guess it’s all that bouncing right? Jasper didn’t poop all day yesterday or yet today, I’m thinking we’d better get the pooperoo ASAP ;)

Emily says:

Our jumparoo came to be known as the Pooparoo b/c Sam often pooped while in it. Something about it just got his little digestive system rolling. One night I actually was watching him jumping and looked at his white sock and thought, why is his sock brown? He had pooped and it has run down his leg to the floor and he was jumping in it. Nice, right?

ariana says:

Hi Maggie,
I have the 15% off ones too (thanks for your kind offer though!) but was just wondering why I didn’t get the rewards one.. maybe it’s sitting in my mailbox. Will have to check tomorrow!

Sara, do they price adjust?

I’ll definitely keep you posted about the jumperoo, I’m pretty sure we’ll end up getting that..

Maggie says:

I just got it in the mail!! It’s 20% off to be used only on the 10th between 8pm and 11pm. I thought it was a welcome to the rewards thing, but it says “you’re invited” so maybe its not? I don’t know… I also have 2 15% off coupons for use 11/30-12/5 and 12/6-12/11…I’d be more than happy to mail those to you…I don’t have a BRU close and pretty much only go to buy diapers now, which are excluded.

Sara says:

OF COURSE, I just went to TRU yesterday to buy Noah an exersaucer. If only I had waited…

Let me know how Jasper likes the rainforest jumperoo, should you go that route. I debated back and forth about getting one and can use all the reviews I can get before laying down yet another wad of cash on baby products.

ariana says:

OK, hold the phone – where did you get a 10% off for rewards program coupon? I’m a rewards member dammit and I never got any coupon!

Maggie says:

I just got a 20% off coupon from BRU (rewards program) to be used only Dec. 10…you could use that to get the Jumperoo….I just got one for DS and he loves it! He also loves his rainforest bouncer. Nothing like the rainforest in Chicago living room for some style ;-)

Kath says:

Aha! I reiterate, babies seem to love that plastic waterfall thingy, and you should BUY the bouncer! Glad you had a good playdate. I know you lamented not having family or friends with babies in your neighborhood. Keep up the good work!!

ariana says:

Oh wait, here’s another one:
Apparently it’s as good as prune juice!

ariana says:

I found the blog post about the pooperoo!!

I never put two and two together to realize its the bouncing that pushes it out of the diaper..yikes!

ariana says:

Trying, yes, they always do seem to wait until they are freshly changed don’t they? Almost like they want a clean canvas ;)

I don’t know if Ginny is like this, but Jasper is obsessed with standing (as opposed to sitting which he hates!). He’s been bearing almost if not all his weight on his legs since 7 weeks so I knew he’d like the exersaucer and probably the jumperoo too. His legs are really strong, I attribute it to all the kicking he does due to his gas (poor guy.)

We were in Nyack – yes, we finally made some Rockland County friends woooohoo!

Marybeth, I’m going to look up that review, thanks!

Eva, that’s really funny, I’m going to google it and see if I can find the post :)

Eva says:

LOL… I remember reading on a blog somewhere that they call it the “pooperoo.” :)

Oh, and I love the idea of the little keychain. That’s going on my Christmas list!

If you go to Amazon and find the Rainforest Jumperoo on there, there’s a review that compares it to the Baby Einstein Jumper and declares the Rainforest the winner. Just some food for thought. The BE one is a GREAT price though, and Jasper really won’t know what he’s missing :)

tryingin2007 says:

ohhhh! I know that face very well. I usually see it right after ginny has a diaper change.

I’m very intrigued by the motion activity jumper. I may just have to investigate. thanks for the hot tips!

where on the hudson were you? just curious. I used to have spectacular views of the river. I miss it.