From Prince to Pauper

In the milk department..

Last week my milk supply seemed to take a huge dive. This totally blindsided me because I’ve always had a bit of an oversupply problem and protecting against supply issues when on the Total Elimination Diet (TED) didn’t occur to me. Well, it should have!

Because the elimination diet is so low in fat it can also be low in total calories and while you are breastfeeding you aren’t supposed to lose more than a lb. a week.. I think I lost about four last week. (Which is yay, but I don’t want my supply dying!).

It’s so ironic.. I go on this diet so I don’t have to stop breastfeeding and it jeapordizes my supply and ability to KEEP breastfeeding.

To make matters worse, I’m not even sure I have a TRUE supply problem, I just noticed that my breasts don’t seem nearly as big or full and I have to pump more aggressively than before to get the same amount. I still can get the right amount that he needs it’s just that Jasper is getting really frustrated..

Or at least that’s what I think is happening. He is constantly turning his head, bobbing up and down off the nipple unless it’s during let down.  The combination of my milk flowing more slowly and him getting more used to bottles makes me think he’s getting lazy! But when he really starts to fuss and pull off I am definitely able to express milk, so I’m not really sure…it could still be reflux.. or an ear infection??

Trying to figure this kid out is like 24 hour detective work and I feel like I’m constantly running around in circles!

In a knee jerk reaction I went out and bought Fenugreek tincture and some foods to get a little extra fat in my diet that are definitely NOT on TED but also not containing the top 8 allergens (Dairy, soy, corn, wheat, eggs, nuts, fish, shellfish): An AMAZING ice cream made from coconut milk and agave and some soft baked chocolate chip cookies from “Enjoy Life” an allergy friendly bakery.

The fenugreek made Jasper REALLY fussy and have a bad tummy ache so I nixed that right away.

The cookies and ice cream.. a bit harder to give up! But I just read on mothering.commune that coconut is a pretty big intolerance for many moms and babies…argh!!

Since deviating from TED Jasper’s poops are still more regular (1-2 times a day!) and more normal looking except this morning when I saw a lot of mucus.  His bottom is still red too, so as tomorrow is the two week mark when we’re supposed to have cleared out the allergies and be able to start adding, I’m thinking I’ll have to go back to perfect TED again for a few days and see if that helps.

I had really hoped to be off strict elimination diet in time for Thanksgiving- no such luck. At least turkey and yams are two of the 7 things on my allowed food list :)

Now for some positive news..

Jasper had an EXCELLENT weekend! The increased Zantac dosing must have taken effect because other than fussing at the breast he’s been cooing and content and totally adorable. PHEW!

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Regan says:

Hi Ariana- I emailed you in July about your picture frames-Ribba from IKEA. I went out and bought them and they are perfect in my nursery. I look at your blog from time to time and we are going through the exact same thing with supply issues. I am not on the TED but I don’t think I am making enough and I am drinking lots of water and eating well. its a total crap shoot. I feel your pain!! BTW- I was due 8-18 but delivered via CS on 8-11. Your blog is great- Take care- R

Kath says:

I had a similar experience. Sometimes I quite frankly forget to eat. Another good reason to keep filling my own belly with yummy foods!

Eva says:

so glad to hear Jasper’s doing better! And it totally makes sense about the milk supply being calorie related… I wondered why some days I seem to have way more milk than others! Now it all makes sense!

Jules says:

Oh no! It does sound like he is getting a wee bit lazy at the breast. Nico had that problem–he was such a sleep eater. Not two minutes at the breast and he would be sawing logs. Of course, my supply was always poor so it was more for comfort than anything else. What else have you tried to increase your supply? Oatmeal (the old fashioned kind) really helped my friend once she went back to work. The only thing that really helped me was the pumping in between feedings. You basically mimic cluster feeds with the pump.

Good luck!

Lori says:


(I am not a Dr. but some of my friends have tried ColicCalm natural and holistic.

Just a suggestion.