Happy Three Month Birthday Jasper!

Dear Jasper,

Today you are three months old!

I remember thinking how far away three months seemed when you were first born and it felt like my three month maternity leave was a long time.. And then our time together just flew by!

You are such a smiley flirty little boy, all the teachers at daycare come into the infant room to get big smiles from you, you already have them wrapped around your little fingers. They have fallen in love with you, so much so that Lauren told me she’d miss you on her day off.

You still hate sitting for the most part, (especially in your carseat!) but like to practice sitting up on the floor if someone is supporting you. But you don’t like it as much as you like standing and bearing all your weight on your little legs! As soon as mommy saw what an exersaucer was she knew you’d love it because you could stand in it. And boy was she right:

Other than being happy and flirty you are beginning to manipulate your environment on purpose and it is so much fun to watch you learn! When you are on your changing table I can give you your stuffed leapord and you will hold and hug it and put it into your mouth (on purpose!)

You also are grasping and reaching for things now like a little scientist. It’s very fun to watch because you concentrate so hard.. like in this video where you are trying to move the yellow ball around – you were eventually able to knock it off, but I didn’t get that part on the video:

Three months is also when everyone said you’d start being a happy baby – and you are!  When you are not in pain you are the sweetest boy, all smiles and content just to watch people and things. Once we figure out what is bothering your tummy you’ll be all happy all the time and I can’t wait!


your mommy.

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It sounds like daycare is going a little better! That’s great–it takes time to get used to it, so I’m hoping you’re feeling more ok with it now than you were last week.

ariana says:

Trying, Yes! I got them yesterday.. have been meaning to ask you 1) How long they took to work and 2) how do you give them to Ginny? I think I’m going to mix with Breast milk or water and give with a syringe.. is that what you’ve been doing?

tryingin2007 says:

did you get the bio gaia drops yet? it took about a week for them to work for ginny. fingers crossed that they bring relief to sweet, sweet jasper.

Roxanne says:

He is adorable! I am so happy for you and your husband. My husband and I are TTC and it’s been an uphill battle. Your blog has helped me feel less alone in our struggle. I am currently experiencing a huge case of the TWW and it blows. Anywho… LOVE the nursery and wish you guys all the best!

Jill says:

He’s beautiful and growing everytime you post! How handsome!

jbhat says:

Happy birthday, kiddo. He’s just so sweet, and so is the letter.

Sarah says:

WOW! I am just so impressed at him and that ball! Amazing! Where has these 3 months gone?? I got Kaity’s ears pierced last week! She’s got bling!! Feel free to check out our blog whever you want :)

Woot! That makes me so happy to hear. You’ve gotten some great video of that precious little boy with it!

ariana says:

Lou, it is the flip!

I love the videos!

I think I asked before, but not sure if I missed the response or question never got to you: what are you using for a video camera? I’m looking into something small like the Flip…

Farah says:

happy 3 months jasper