Jasper is 12 Weeks Old Today!

Bath time!

Dear Jasper,

You are 12 weeks old today and I can’t believe how fast time is flying by..

After weeks of practicing you are finally able to get your hands into your mouth, though sometimes it’s by way of your far head first!

This week is also a sad one for me because it’s the week I started back to work full time which means that other lucky people get to be with you all day long. Other people get to experience you smiling and laughing, get to stroke your soft chubby cheeks all day and kiss the little fat roll on the back of your neck whenever they want.

I think the separation is harder on me than it is on you though. I don’t yet see a flash of recognition on your face when I come there to breastfeed you (which I do twice a day.) But I’d rather have that than have you cry when I leave which would just break my heart.

Overall you are finally a happy baby, except at nighttime when you writhe in your bassinet for hours each night from gas pain. We are not sure if it’s because you don’t burp well when you’re asleep or if you are suffering from an allergy to something mommy is eating. But just in case mommy has gone on TED, the “Total Elimination Diet” which consists only of rice, turkey, sweet and white potatoes and yellow and green squash.

That’s how much she loves you!!

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That is just so sweet! Did you cry when you wrote it? I had a little tear when I read it :) You are a good mom!

jbhat says:

He looks so sweetly intent on whomever he’s looking at while he was in the bath (was it Dad?). Adorable. And the letters to Jasper are darling. Do you make and save a handwritten note for him too? Or just back up the file? : )

PS. Don’t worry about The Plastic; it’s fairly inevitable. But hooray for you for not compromising on not paying retail.


Joanna says:

You poor thing! I am so impressed that you are doing that diet, it doesn’t sound easy. I hope you find out what is making your little guy have those pains. He is darling!! I am sure it is tough to be back to work, I am already dreading returning before I even give birth. :) But how awesome that you can stop by twice a day to nurse him. It sounds like you are doing so well despite all of the challenges. I am sure I will refer to your blog often for motivation and inspiration after my baby gets here. I can only hope I do as well as you have with adjusting!

Sarah says:

What a cute video! Kaity has stopped crying which makes bath time more fun! Now she’s dealing w/ cradle cap, oy I hate dry skin! Hopefully it’ll go away soon. She’s been doing so good, she’s slept through the night 4 nights in a row. I’v been smooshing her last 2 feeding together so she’s more full and she’s been going from 8:30pm-6:30am! I just take one night at a time! One night she slept from 9pm-8am and I was so worried when I woke up, but she was just laying there in her crib content as can be! Feel free to check out our blog any time !! :) you’re doing a great job being a mommy!

Loralee says:

While I don’t have a baby yet, we do have one on the way (24 weeks with a boy!) I have been doing lots of preparation reading… from books, websites & blogs. (I’ve frequented yours) I’ve read lots of good things about the Amby bed. I don’t know from personal experience, but maybe it would help Jasper.


Best of Luck!