In Search of Plastic Fantastic

We have officially crossed over to the dark side.. well, actually the more colorful side and given in to the the world of fisher price and plastic primary colors, lights and sounds when we purchased an exersaucer at a consignment sale this weekend. We also bought to fabulously loud and hideous tummy time mats, one with a bird that swings around and tweats.


We had the best of intentions.. instead of the rainforest bouncy chair we bought this:

Chicco Combi pod bouncer

Chicco Combi pod bouncer

And instead of the fisher price rainforest open top swing we bought this neutral (but ver $$$) swing:

Graco sweet peace soothing center swing

Graco sweet peace soothing center swing

And Jasper can’t STAND either one. And why should he?

They are both fabulously boring as far as baby products go. The swing has one neutral colored little hanging teddy plush to entertain – NOT enough stimulation for my demanding little one.

In defense of the products I’m not sure if its just beacause Jasper hates sitting in general which I read is common in reflux babies because it cuts their tummies in two. (This hatred extends to the carseat and makes the 20 minute drive to and from work/daycare oh-so-cheery!)

So now I am on a craigslist plastic treasure hunt..I may have accepted my defeat, but I still refuse to pay retail for it! ;)

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ariana says:

Kath, I’m so glad it’s working for you! I’m sure it’s just that Jasper doesn’t like sitting (yet, he better learn to like it or he’ll be the only kid in the world that stands before he sits!)

Kath says:

As I’m sure you can see from all the photos, we find the Combi Pod Bouncer to kick ass. The iPod hookup thing never gets used, but I put the dude in it and he can be calmly watching me wash dishes or open the mail, or whatever. Sorry to hear that Jasper didn’t take to it. My neighbor has the Rainforest bouncy chair and I think that light-up waterfall is awesome! Get that one!

monica says:

Okay so now I don’t have to feel guilty about the giant bright excersaucer I registered for or the ocean themed baby einstein tummy time mat :)

Melanie says:

I also gave into the colorfun plastic, and craigslist is the bomb!! We started out with pretty pastels, everything pink and girly, boooooring! Bring on the Fisher Price Deluxe Jumperoo! NOW we’re talkin about fun!

Marybeth says:

Oh, there are so many ugly baby products to buy! Like you, we started out with what I liked and what would fit best in our home. Now we have the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo and swing, and our little baby loves them both! On the plus side, I got them at on super sale for about 75% off the retail values! Makes me feel better to know that we’ll be able to re-sell them and break even once we’re done with them (If the baby doesn’t wear them out first!).

Jill says:

This kind of sucks but I’m glad you are working through it and being thirfty! :)

Jules says:

Oh, if you lived closer I would gladly give you all my plastic, brightly-colored everything for free and then danced a happy little dance of freedom. Until I realized toddlers like plastic, brightly-colored everything, too.