Happy Birthday Jasper!!!!!

Born 8/19 1:14PM EST

7lbs 14oz

19 inches long

Mommy and baby are doing well and will post as soon as possible!

(posted by Jasper’s Aunt Roxanne who is far far away in Los Angeles)

One pic for now:


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Pat says:


Congratulations to you & to Jeff! Jasper is adorable! I didn’t even know you were pregnant.

I wish you all lots of love & fun!

Pat Holdsworth (HCI)

Joanna says:

Congratulations!!! He is perfect.

Charm City says:

He is the more adorable baby–EVER! Looks absolutely perfect. Congratulations Mom–I love this blog and hope you that now you’ve “become mom” you will continue to keep us all in your journey through motherhood. I want to save every post as my “real life” manual. Thank you and keep it up!

tracey says:

Congratulations on the birth of your son :) My son is a Jasper aswell – great name choice ;)

Kayla says:

Congratulations! OMG look how cute he is! I’m dying, newborns are just so beyond precious.

Can’t wait to hear the details!

Amy says:

Congrats on adorable Jasper! He is one lucky baby to have such hip parents. Thanks for sharing your life with us :-)

sara brown says:

Congratulations Ari and Jeff! Hannah can’t wait to meet him! Love to you guys – have FUN! You will sleep again some day….

heartartz says:

Jasper, welcome to the world.
Jeff and Ariana, he is soooo adorable.
Glad Mother and Baby are doing well.

Katherine says:

So so so cute. I am so happy for you! Our little guys were born 5 days apart! Wonderful. Happy Bday, Jasper.

Melissa says:

Yeah! I kept coming back looking for updates. What a little cutie. Congratulations Mom! I am so happy for you. Can’t wait to see a lot more pictures of this little guy.

Jennifer says:

Happy Birthday! And congratulations to you all. This is wonderful news.

You’re all going to have just one amazing adventure after another as a new little family. Have so much fun together!

Jessica says:

Oh happy happy birthday! What a beautiful baby, CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome little one.

lsaspacey says:

FINALLY, little man! Making everyone wait for your adorable cuteness, tsk, tsk, tsk.

I can’t believe he’s already plump and yummy, must have been that extra time in the oven. Congratulations to Ariana and Jeff!!!

Sandra says:

Oh at long last!! Been following your story since Jasper was only a hope…
Can’t wait to hear how everything went.

Sarah Rogers says:

He is perfect! I cant wait to meet the little guy, Welcome to the world! Mazel Mazel!!! Well done Mommy!

Thank you for posting Roxy!

Sara says:

Hats off to you three! Welcome to the world, little Jasper.

yvonne says:

Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see even more pictures of your beautiful baby boy!!

monica says:

Aiiiiieeeee, he is so cute! yeah, yeah, yeah! Nicely done.

Sarah says:

Congrats on your bundle of joy. Have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and have checked everyday for news. We just celebrated the birth of our daughter on the 18th as well!!! Life will never be the same. Enjoy all the moments you have together!

Morgan says:

Holy cow how cute is he! How exciting after all this time now you have a sweet little guy…so happy for you guys!