Happy Birthday Jasper!!!!!

Born 8/19 1:14PM EST

7lbs 14oz

19 inches long

Mommy and baby are doing well and will post as soon as possible!

(posted by Jasper’s Aunt Roxanne who is far far away in Los Angeles)

One pic for now:


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Sheri says:

He’s adorable! Can’t wait to see more picutres. Congrats!

The Rauths says:

woo hoo! congrats!

Kelly says:


Leah says:

Congratulations on your precious blessing!

Erica says:

Glad to hear everything went well! Congratulations on the handsome little Jasper.

kate_nyc says:

congratulations! what a adorable baby!
My best friend had a girl the same day- oh, what a day!
Welcome to the world little Jasper!

Cynthia says:


tipperella says:

Congratulations, Ariana!!I can’t see the pics either, but can’t wait to see some more and hear how it all went!

Chantal says:

Congratulations! I’m so happy for you both!!

Emily says:

Congratulations! What a blessing.

PJ33062 says:

Congratulations to the new mommy and daddy!!!
Jasper is just beautiful!!

tryingin2007 says:

hurray!!!! congratulations! :)

I cannot see the photos though. is this another dopey mac thing?


Sarah T. says:

Congrats! I’ve been following your story for awhile now, but I rarely leave a post. He’s absolutely gorgeous!

Jill says:

Congrats Mama!!!! That’s great news!!! I’m so happy that he’s out in the world!!!! I can’t wait to see the pictures! For some reason they didn’t load for me!!?!?

Anyway, CONGRATS!!!

Kristin says:

YAY!!! Congratulations! Happy Birthday Jasper!! You got lill leo baby :D

Candace says:

Congrats! He’s beautiful!

Cezanne says:

Congratulations Mom and dad! Baby Jasper looks absolutely precious.

Io says:

Welcome to the world Jasper! Congrats!

Toast 2 Mom says:

At last!! :) Congratulations! I hope Jasper’s arrival was an “easy” one for you and you’re now resting with the most precious thing now finally in your arms. What a sweetie!

Beth says:

HOORAY! Welcome, Jasper! You’re so cute! :)

Congrats, mom and dad!!!

Laura says:

What a beautiful little boy! Welcome to the world, Jasper! Congratulations, Ariana and Jeff!

K8 says:

Congratulations he’s beautiful!

Kim says:

OH my goodness!! Congratulations to Jasper and Mommy!!

Salty says:

Happy Birthday! Awww. A little lion, afterall!

EvY says:

Usually newborns are sort of alien looking things, how did you manage to give birth to an attractive baby boy? I mean seriously, he is a really really good looking baby. Good things are worth waiting for I suppose.

Jill says:

YAY!! Congratulations!!

Stephanie says:

Hooray! He is DARLING!

See – we told you wouldn’t stay pregnant forever! :-)

emily says:

Beautiful! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

Farah says:

yeah!!! so happy for you! i can’t see the pictures for some reason but I bet he is very handsome

Mom Quixote says:

Woot! Mazel Tov! He is just super duper darling!

Fareh says:

Congatulations…I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and actually was at phelps last night for a fetal heatbeat monitoring last night and wondered if you were one of the 7-8 women in L&D at the time. I am due in a few weeks and will also be giving birth at phelps. Good luck

Ynghie says:

Hey! finally you’re here, and you’re sooooo cute!! Congratulations Ariana, you should be the happiest woman in the world !! God bless you all !!

Lonnie says:

I’m another avid reader of your blog, who doesn’t usually post. Jasper is so very adorable! you must be beside yourselves with happiness. Congrats to the mommy and daddy! I’m looking forward also to reading about your life with baby. Enjoy!

Melanie says:

congrats Ariana!!! welcome to the world Jasper!!! i can;t see the pics for some reason, but i know you’ll post more as soon as you can!!

Leah says:

YEAH!!!! Wonderful news! Welcome to the world Jasper. He is so cute!

Angie says:

Welcome to the world Jasper, we’ve all been eagerly awaiting you, especially your Mom and Dad! Many Congratulations Ariana! All the best to you and your new bundle of joy! Looking forward to reading your birth-story, I always follow your blog although I rarely post. Congrats again! Angie (aka: alengirl)

Dawn says:

Woohoo! Welcome to the world Jasper! He’s gorgeous (naturally)! Please give Jeff and Ariana our best. I can’t wait to hear all the details although I’m just happy everyone is healthy and doing well. Thanks Roxanne!

Jenny says:

Congratulations! Jasper is quite a handsome boy.

Ariella says:

CONGRATS! He is a handsome little boy!

julia says:

You did it! Congratulations, he’s beautiful!

mary says:

I’ve been lurking for a while, and was hoping that no news was good news! Congratulations! He really is super-cute. Worth the wait?

Mary says:

YAY! Welcome, little one!

Emma says:

Congratulations! He’s beautiful, and you were worried.

leah says:

Yahoo! Congrats to Mom and Jasper! Welcome little one.

Eva says:

Congratulations!!!! He’s ADORABLE!!!! Love those cheeks!!!

amii says:

Love your blog! At long last!
Congratualtions and blessings!!

Lindsey says:

Congratulations! He’s a handsome boy!

Bless you for being so patient! I hope you are recovering well!

mandoo says:


May says:

OMG Congratulations!!!!!! God Bless your new bundle of joy =)