Still Here.


Every night for the past three nights I start with cramping and contractions at about 4am. They usually stop shortly after, but this morning, they turned into regular contractions for about 7-9 minutes apart for an hour or so… and then stopped.

Well, haven’t totally stopped, but are now just sporadic. I totally give up!

I’m having bloody show now (isn’t that the loveliest expression?) and so wearing huge granny panties and a pad which is fun too. At least I feel like something is going on, but I really really thought this morning’s contractions were the real thing, so obviously I have NO idea when it’s real or not.

I sent Jeff to work, have an appointment at the midwife’s clinic at 2pm. They better tell me I’m more than 1 cm and close to real labor or I will SERIOUSLY lose it (my mind that is, not my mucus plug!)

After my appointment I go back to Phelps for another NST, will see Judy again so we can further discuss induction. I need to figure out a plan with them that does NOT involve the use of cytotec which she said is what they normally would use. I’ve read way too many scary things about cytotec so will try to figure out something else.

Hopefully I won’t need to, but at this point I’m somewhat convinced my body has NO IDEA how to go into real labor.


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elizabeth says:

Is anyone else wondering if a lack of posting today (the 19th) means that baby Jasper is making his grand appearance? I’m on pins and needles and I just found this blog the other day!

Kaz says:

ah..the ebb and flow of labor and the labor stories. a friend recently birthed her girl (believing she was almost two weeks past due date) with no induction or so on in five hours, but she was 4cm dilated for a week! Needless to say, the wee girl was grounded from the get go for being so stubborn ;)

when the docs looked at the placenta, turns out baby came right on time.
go figure

birthing vibes to you Ariana

Beth says:

My body was the same way with my first- they finally induced me. I am now in my 3rd trimester with my second. PRAYING that I have the little bugger on time and not late! I feel your pain! They said I had a “stubborn cervix” because it refused to dilate!

Virginia says:

From one mom who went past due, to another mom who is past due….I so know how you are feeling right now and I wish there were something I could tell you to make you feel better about being past due. I was 3cm for WEEKS and ended up being induced 8 days past my due date (which ended in an emergency c-section — HORRIBLE). DId you know though that 5% of women have a gestational period of 42 weeks? I honestly wish I hadn’t gotten induced and let Mother Nature do it’s job, but at the end I was so huge and impatient that I just did whatever seemed good at the time.
One good thing about being over due is that past due babies sleep and eat better(and it was true for our kid).
Also don’t be freaked out if his skin peels alot, it’s also normal for past due babies.
Good luck and looking forward to hearing all about your labor and the birth of your son!

Beth says:

Yes… Monica is right. The wait WILL be worth it. I just prayed for baby Jasper to come soon! We’re all waiting to meet him. :)

Jill says:

I can’t imagine what you are going through. Probably spells of frustration and the reminded by spells of excitement! Gosh I can’t believe you are almost to the end! Seems crazy! You’ll do great! Keep us posted!

Leah says:

What are you doing here!?!?! Sorry he still hasnt decided to come out and join the party. I hope tonight is your night! Let us know what your midwife says today.

Monica says:

My third baby was born naturally 10 days past due date … so I know exactly how you are feeling! And am here to tell you everything will be alright. Due dates are nothing but an estimate, babies come when they are good and ready. Get lots of rest and get ready for the biggest adventure of your life! You will be holding your sweet baby any day now and the waiting will be so worth it.

Dawn says:

You’re getting so close! Your body is revving it’s engine. You’ll be in labor very soon, I’m sure. Hang in there and try not to smash your head against the wall. I’m glad you have an appointment today, I’m sure they’ll have encouraging news.