I lost it, I lost it!

My mucus plug that is!

Who would have ever thought I’d be so overjoyed to see brown discharge and a gelatinous brown glob in my toilet this morning when I peed? This pregnancy business really strips you of all modesty and decorum.

I’m glad the cramping and contractions I’ve had over the past few days seem to be doing SOMETHING.. I was beginning to think the mucus plug was some sort of urban legend, or that maybe I just didn’t have one.

I really had expected that last night would be the night I finally went into labor.. Jeff and I went to Bear Mountain State Park yesterday and we must have walked 3-5 miles. Even he was exhausted. I even bought the guided childbirth imagery that my acupuncturist played for me and fell asleep to it last night hoping it would put me in the right “ready for birth” frame of mind. Still nothing! I thought that all that exertion, imagery plus the full moon last night was going to do the trick.

Today is the birthday of both my Grandmother Eunice and Jasper’s soon to be uncle Justin, so it’s a great day to come out little one if you are listening!

Thank you all for your kind comments and reassurances after my last post. There is a part in my guided childbirth imagery where she talks about surrounding yourself with the light of every good intention and blessing ever sent your way. Thanks to you all, I feel I have so many :)

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lsaspacey says:

Okay, get rid of that Babystrology thing now, It’s officially creeping me out!

Come on Jasper!!! We’re all out here waiting for you, don’t you want to join the party?

Michele says:

Yay Jasper! Ari – you get your Leo after all! Can’t wait for more good news! Sending you all our love, positive visualizations and best wishes for a safe and and beautiful birth!

Dawn says:

How exciting! He’ll be here soon! I’m so stupidly happy about your “loss” today! :)

Salty says:

Come on Jasper. Give Momma a nice easy birth very very soon!

heartartz says:

Sending you loving thoughts and best wishes for a speedy delivery…and a very healthy happy Jasper

FARAH says:

C’mon lil Boy!!

Katherine says:

awesome news! forgive me for typing with one hand, but i am holding a little bundle of joy in my left arm. yeah, i am afraid i cut in line like some of the others… today was officially my due date, but baby jimmy came like a tornado and i was in active labor for just 3.5 hours! had him on thursday. :)

Leah says:

Yeah!!! I hope he comes out today! So exciting!

JustinK says:

Come on Jasper!! Hurry up, you’ve only got 10 hours left to share a birthday with me!

Stephanie says:

Sending contraction vibes your way!

For what it’s worth, I was in the same boat last summer. The twelve days I went past my due date felt like YEARS. I was starting to think the baby had no intention of ever being born. The crazy thing is that the past year feels like it’s gone by in a blink. Pretty soon, Jasper will be here and you’ll forget all about all the waiting whenever you look at his sweet little face. :-)

Good luck at Phelps – oh, and I have a little piece of advice. If your hospital room has a tub and if they allow you to labor in water, go for it! Better yet, if the tub is a whirlpool tub with jets, if you kneel in the tub and point the jets right at your belly during contractions. It’s like having a little belly massage right where you need it most and it definitely helps. I labored in a tub with both of my girls and before getting in the tub the thought “I don’t think I can do this” definitely crossed my mind. But the combo of the warm water and jets pointed right at my contracting tummy was fantastic – cut the pain in half at least(probaly more – completely tolerable.)

Good luck!!!

Tiffany says:

Woohoo! Congratualtions. I am expecting my first baby in October and a friend told me about your blogs. My friend and I are both home improvement buffs, also. And given that we live in old New Orleans homes, there is always something that needs to be reparied. I’m so excited for you. Good luck. It is a beautiful day down here in NOLA. The perfect day for a baby’s birthday. Sending positive thoughts your way.

TheRightWife says:

Woo hoo!! Getting close!! Can’t wait to see pictures of Jasper :)

The Rauths says:

YIPEE! I’ve been sending labor vibes your way! hope you have a great day!

ariana says:

Sorry Sarah!

Monica, it’s gorgeous here too :)

P, yes, I saw Angela last Friday. It was really nice to see her.. like coming full circle. I don’t really know if it did anything? She said that it’s like any of the other natural induction methods in that you need to do it with other things (evening primrose oil etc) and your body needs to be ready and it doesn’t always work in one session. Which it obviously didn’t for me, because here I still am. Like it was with TTC acupuncture, its hard to know how much it really helps, but you know it isn’t hurting, and it’s relaxing.. and at this point I’m doing everything and anything I can. I know she’d be thrilled to see you, she always asks after you! I have another appointment scheduled with her for Tuesday and another on Thursday. Clearly I’m hoping I won’t need to go to either :)

tryingin2007 says:

hurray! now we’re talkin’! I’m hoping today is your (and little jasper’s) day.

just an fyi, neither one of my sisters noticed their mucus plugs. it’s like they didn’t even exist. so I have no expectations whatsoever on that subject.

did you see angela? if so I’d love to hear how that went. should I plan a trip down to white plains?

monica says:

I think today is the day! What a great day to be born. At least here in cleveland it is gorgeous out. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Come out little guy.

Sarah Rogers says:

Ok i get the catchy, eye grabbing title, but don’t do that again! My heart sunk.

But I am so happy that you lost your mucus plug! I wish you a speedy delivery and that you and Jasper are healthy. We will be thinking good thoughts for you today!! I can’t wait to meet you little Jasper.