Nothing to Report

Zip nada zilch. So why am I posting? Because I’m afraid that if I don’t you’ll all think I went into labor or something! (Hah, imagine that, labor… )

Poor Jeff, he’s considering wearing a Tshirt to work that says “No, no baby yet!”

I did call up my infertility acupuncturist just now to see if she does induction acupuncture. The receptionist said yes (yay!) but today is the last day she’ll be there until next tuesday, so she is going to talk to her and see if she can squeeze me in today, which would be great. At least I would feel like I was doing something proactive.

Hmm, what else.. oh, got my “last” mani/pedi. Cleaning ladies are coming today..have been taking walks every day, twice yesterday actually.

Oh, my mom mentioned that if he doesn’t come by next Friday he’ll be a Virgo and not a Leo. That is so weird for me for many reasons, partly because I’ve been expecting him to be a Leo all this time, but also because (and I hope this doesn’t offend anyone!) most Virgo men I know have issues. They tend to idealize women to the point that no woman (probably mom included) can live up to their expectations.  Of course I can’t control what sign he will be, but I would if I could control freak that I am!

In other news, we tried switching our dog’s food and even though we mixed the old with the new she has diarrhea. On the day we are getting the house cleaned, perfect. So I am working from home so that I can let her out during the day. Poor baby, I could hear the sounds her little stomach was making all the way across the room.

OK, I’ve rambled enough (I’m not in labor, you get the picture!).. hopefully I’ll have something more substantial to report tomorrow. Wait, scratch that, hopefully I WON’T be posting tomorrow because I’ll be giving birth!

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Jenny says:

Hoping the little one decides to grace his presence soon. Maybe he’s waiting for the weekend to start off the partying. Good luck!

marybeth says:

I was actually nine days overdue with my baby and I relished every minute! I felt like I was incubating him, and each day was another day where he was safe inside me. He got those extra prenatal vitamins and dha/ara supplements, along with the rest, warmth and comfort my body provided. of course, I’m happy he’s out now, but savor this time you have.

Toast 2 Mom says:

Eat some pepperoni pizza…worked for me….Though you may be tired of foolish, non-scientific advice… I’m thinking of ya, though! :)

ariana says:

Thanks everyone, it gives me warm fuzzies that so many people are pulling for us to get this show on the road!! I will absolutely do my best to post something if I’m anywhere near a computer before we go to the hospital. It’s the very least I can do in return for all the good vibes and labor dust y’all have been sending me!

Dawn says:

I look for you every day. Thank you for easing my worried mind. I hope you don’t have a post tomorrow, 8/15 has a ring to it. Hugs to you. Let us know how the acupunture goes!

PJ33062 says:

Coming in to say Hi! and Good Luck!!!
Can’t wait for the big news soon!


monica says:

Oh no! Nothing to report, what a bummer. I’m glad you did post b/c I would have assumed you were in labor!

Jill says:

Hopefully she’s able to get you in and hopefully that will speed things along for you!

Thanks for posting and keeping us up to speed! We are all on the edge of our seats! Can’t wait to meet him! =)

Leah says:

Glad you are still posting! Bummer he doesnt want to come out and say hi to everyone. I agree with you on the Virgo me. My husband is a virgo and he has issues! I hope I dont see a post from you tomorrow (wink)!

Ynghie says:

Who’s going to let us know? please take your laptop with you to the hospital, (soory for ask that),just a simple “here we go” is enough for all of us send you millions of positive vibrations for a fast delivery.

Jennifer says:

I’m right with you on the astrological sign business. I was really glad to have myself a baby Capricorn, based solely on the fact that I have always really gotten along well with Capricorns. If I could plan it, I would avoid certain signs for potential baby number two. Also–I had a very sick cat when our kiddo was born. He made a mess of the same kind, all over the house, all the time. Particularly on the one room that had carpet! Yuck.

So I know what you are going through. And I have been checking in with you daily to see if you’re NOT posting, and am happy to see that you are, but at the same time, I know that you’d rather be celebrating someone’s birthday.

Hang in there!