Jasper’s Halloween Costume

Yes, it’s way too early to be thinking about this, but I’m bored and looking for an outlet for my anticipation. That is a dangerous thing for my credit card!

Enter the Old Navy Halloween Baby Collection to entertain me and lighten my wallet.

Check out the ridiculous cuteness of this monkey costume! How could we NOT get this for Jasper?

Obviously our little monkey must BE a little monkey, but this penguin suit is pretty darn adorable too:

They also have a really cute collection of Halloween inspired sleepwear and onesies like this one:

(It says “Mummy Loves me!”)

I must have them all!

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Beth says:

Oh make sure to check ebay for the monkey suit! Most people have them on their kid for about 10 minutes and then sell them the next year! I loved that one too and almost got it one year! My daughter is 3 now so it’s all ballerinas and princesses all the way. No more chances at monkeys… :(

Stacy says:

Love the name Jasper!! Good Luck, can’t wait till he’s home in that amazing nursery of yours.


Dawn says:

Too cute! I personally think you should dress Jeff up as a monkey and Jasper as a banana. :)

Hope your credit card can outlast your uterus!

Jill says:

I love it! So freaking cute!

tryingin2007 says:

I’m off now to get the mummy onesie. it’s too cute for words.

soooooo? “anything” happening?

TheRightWife says:

Aggghh!! That is too cute! My sister-in-law dressed my nephew as a Koala Bear last year. It was too friggin’ adorable!!

Salty says:

I wish my little guy would be here this Halloween. Instead of dressing up a baby, my hubs said he’s going to stick me in an orange shirt and plop on a green hat and call me a pumpkin. He’s so sweet!

But seriously, LOVE the monkey!

Yvonne says:

I got the Old Navy chicken costume for my son when he was two. He loved it so much that he kept digging it out of the closet and putting it on until he finally grew out of it. I loooove the monkey costume!

monica says:

Oh those are too cute. I really like the onesie.

farah says:

Holy Cow, I already have that same monkey suit in our monkey’s closet awaiting halloween as well! I swear, I can not make this stuff up

Leah says:

Oh my gosh I love these! So cute. I wont have mine in time for Halloween this year but I wasnt even thinking about how much fun that will be in the years to come!

Morgan says:

LOL! I use to work at oldnavy and those cute costumes sell out FAST…never too early. We had a chiken costume one year that was insanely cute! Anyway hope that babe pops out soon! Oh and what in the world is your Baby countdown thing doing now?