Happy Due Date to Me

I don’t normally post on Sundays, but since it’s my due date, the date I have been fixated on for 40 long weeks I figured I should post something.

Except that I don’t have anything to say.  Its my due date and there is NO reason to think this kid is coming out anytime soon!

No mucous plug, no bloody show, none of that gross stuff that signals the onset of labor.

I am cranky, swollen and new stretch marks are popping up daily.


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Kayla says:

Ok, I’m dying waiting for him so I can only imagine what you’re going through.

Sending birth thoughts your way!

tryingin2007 says:

I had to chuckle a little with your post. normally you are so light hearted and positive and then I see “GET OUT!!” oh, I hear ya!

I say go buy some shoes! or jewelry even! now we’re talking!

little jasper is coming soon. I feel it.

Pink says:

You are funny! Get out baby! :) Cant’ wait to see pics!

ariana says:

Ok, so we should do Chinese food and a movie right? I’m guessing that chinese food needs to be spicy to “work?” I tried that with thai food on friday and still no baby.. but I’ll try anything!

I know we should be doing stuff we enjoy, instead we’re sort of so psyched for the “main event” that the idea of doing anything else seems so BORING in comparison! Has anyone seen a good movie lately? There doesn’t even seem like anything I want to see.

Thanks for the eviction notice Ariella, maybe he’s listening!

Jennifer says:

I wish I could encourage you to go have a drink and a smoke or something else that you might have done do back in your child free days–but I won’t. He’ll be out soon. And take care! Have you had that freaky feeling of needing to clean out some random light fixture yet? That last minute nesting instinct is a sure sign.

Good luck! And happy early birthday to Jasper. It’s so exciting, and reading your Becoming Mom blog makes me want to make a sibling for my kiddo. My clock seems to be seriously ticking over here.

Yvonne says:

The last days of pregnancy are the worst – but at least you know that it’s any day now! It’s not much consolation, but it’s something:)

Michele says:

Yes! Go see a light-hearted movie in a movie theater with really comfy seats! Strangely, I couldn’t remember going out to the movies at all while pregnant and once we had Leo it became impossible. It was one of the few things we truly could not do with him and I began to really miss. So finally, 11 mos after having him, we had our first babysitter last Friday. It was nerve-wracking, (and expensive!) but worth it.
Psst, Jasper – come on down!

Ariella says:

Dear Jasper,

This is your eviction notice. You have 7 days to vacate mommies uterus, although she would love it if you come out sooner.

Thank you,

Sara says:

Woot! Any day now! Can’t wait to see the “welcome to the world Jasper” post.

TheRightWife says:

I agree with Dawn! Do something that you love doing that is going to become more complicated once little Jasper is along for the ride.

And on that note, I’m 20 weeks and 1 day along :) Only 19 weeks and 6 days to go!! Woo hoo!

Dawn says:

Poor you! I hope Jasper realizes what’s good for him and joins us on this side of your belly. For what it’s worth, you look amazing. You should do something special to celebrate one of your last child free days. A quiet restaurant, a movie, a nap, anything that an infant makes more challenging. You could also try some old wive’s tales to lure him out. Chinese food (the authentic variety) brought Noah to us. Good luck!

So that pre-term labor was not a sign of things to come, hmmm?

Come on out, Baby! The internet wants to meet you!!!