DIY Maternity Pics

I didn’t think I wanted to do maternity pictures, but with my due date less than a week away (yowza!) I was afraid I might regret not having any that I didn’t take of myself in the bathroom mirror. I also used it as en excuse to teach Jeff how to use the new camera. He didn’t quite grasp the concept of the autofocus button and therefore many of the best shots were a bit blurry, but overall there were enough nice shots to make it worth it:

In a HIGHLY disturbing new development, my stretchmarks finally arrived.. and promptly took residence just around my belly button. They waited until 38.5 weeks, JUST when I thought I had evaded them altogether. SO not cool.

In other news, this afternoon I have my 39 week appointment. Stay tuned for the 39 week state of the uterus address tomorrow morning!

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Beth says:

Sometimes I don’t comment when everyone else has the same opinion, but I figure you can’t get enough compliments when you’re oh-so-pregnant.

You look amazing. :)

Can’t wait to “meet” baby Jasper!

Maydaygirl says:

OH MY GOSH you look amazing!!!!!!!

Ynghie says:

You look fabulous!! More pretty than ever! the stretchmarks, don’t worry , when you finally hold you little boy, you will be gratefull for everything even for those

ariana says:

California Girl,
For the tops I used scarves that I had already and the turquoise blue top is just a sports bra type thing that I got in the target lingerie section, its their xhiliration brand. The white tank is also from target, they don’t have those exact tanks anymore, but the xhiliration sleep tanks that are in the lingerie sections are awesome. They are really long tanks and so stretchy that I can actually wear a small and it covers my belly!

The white skirt I got from the target swim cover up section, they don’t have those anymore.

monica says:

Oh you look great! I love belly pics.

You look fabulous! Great pics. I have my maternity session in 2 weeks. I need to go get some material or fabric to use. What did you use for your top and bottom? Looks great.

Tonya says:

Really beautiful. Focus doesn’t matter so much, either. A little blur is ok.

These photos are beautiful and you look amazing. Im sure you’ll be very happy to have these.

tryingin2007 says:

super pretty! nice job jeff!

and if it makes you feel any better, I just last night discovered spider veins all over my legs! hideous!!! no doubt the stretch marks are right around the corner.

Jennifer says:

Just lovely!

mandoo says:

You look great! And looks like Jeff did a pretty good job with the camera too, for a newbie. Can’t wait to hear how things are coming along.

ariana says:

Aw, you guys are totally making me blush, thanks for all the kind words!

Dawn, if there’s any exciting news I’ll post later today :)

I’m so excited you got the xti too!!!! yes, these were taken with the 50mm lens opened all the way.. it was cloudy out and we needed the extra light that it provides even though because these were taken from far away the bokeh wasn’t so important.. you can see the bokeh much better in the pictures I took of Sophie a few posts down. I’ve been meaning to call you for weeks.. Maybe I’ll try you tonight!

Farah says:

You are absolutely beautiful!

Michele says:

Ari – you fertility goddess you!

I wish I had taken photos like these. Seeing your beautiful pictures just drives home what a miracle the creation of life is! Wow, any day now Jasper will be here! And he definitely will love having these, esp. when he grows up.

Are these taken with your 50mm portrait lens?
We recently got the XTi and I am tempted to go for that lens also ’cause the 18-55 just isn’t getting the “bokeh” I want.
I need to call you and talk aperture settings. And talk baby – I’m so excited!!!

June (MrsJuneHawk) says:

You look great!

Claudia says:

Those are so nice. You’re going to be glad you did them. With my first pregnancy I didn’t take weekly shots, but this time I did because I wanted to capture the whole progression.

You look great! I feel like a whale. Ha ha.

Jill says:

Those are GORGEOUS! You look like a goddess!

Dawn says:

You look fabulous! I absolutely love the first one. Are you seriously going to make us wait until tomorrow to hear the state of the uterus? I’m so anxious, I can’t imagine how you feel!

By the way, you’re not alone. Many women get their only stretch marks and hemorrhoids during delivery. How’s that for sticking it to you!?

Sheri says:

You look amazing! One day, Jasper is going to be so happy that he gets to see what his mom looked like when she was pregnant.

Melanie says:

Gorgeous pics!!!!! You’re going to be very happy you did these :-) Good luck at your appt today!