A Dress Rehearsal..

Thursday I got an unexpected call from my friend Allison. Allison was my best friend from college but we haven’t spoken in a really long time. So long in fact, that when she called and I asked her if she even knew I was pregnant she responded by asking if I knew she had a baby two months ago!

So yes, we’ve been a little out of touch. I was thrilled to hear that she and her husband Daniel were in NY visiting her parents so we could get together and I could meet her adorable daughter Sophie Maya.

Not only was it fun to catch up with them after so long, but having a newborn in the house now that we have everything all set up for Jasper was like having a dress rehearsal! Thanks to little Sophie for being Jasper’s stand-in and trying out all of the fun toys we haven’t used yet.

I was able to practice my portrait photography:

Sophie sleeping on Dad’s shoulder

Sophie sleeping in Dad’s hands.

And then when she started fussing, we but her in the bouncy seat.. which she’ didn’t like so much.

Then, we put her in the swing, which she seemed to love! Allison changed her on Jasper’s changing pad and nursed her in the glider. Allison gave the glider rave reviews and I got a short real time lesson in breast feeding. We even pulled out the My Breast Friend Pillow!

It seems that on the “gear” front we are quite prepared for Jasper’s arrival, all we need now is the little leading man himself.

PS, I now have only 9 days until D day… that’s single digits baby!!!

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TheRightWife says:

What a great experience! I’m sure your friends were grateful for the excellent accommodations as well :)

ariana says:

Hi P,
Nope.. not yet :(

tryingin2007 says:

just me here! checking in (daily) to see if there is any progress.


Emily says:

Beautiful photographs ariana! You should do that professionally.

monica says:

Oh my gosh, in reply to what you said on my blog. That was too funny, the spread eagle part. I spit out a little water. I knew what you meant!

mandoo says:

Thanks! That’s a great tip, I especially like the cheeky title for #3.

monica says:

Oh how fun! And your pictures are beautiful. You have a great talent.

ariana says:

Hi Mandoo, sure!

I really liked “The thinking womans’ guide to giving birth” for it’s perspective on the medicalization of birth in this country.

I found the “Baby bargains” and “Baby 411” books to by GREAT references.

For expectant mom’s planning on breastfeeding “So that’s what they’re there for” is a must have.

For expectant dads, Jeff really liked “Be Prepared.”

But honestly, probably the best thing you can get an expectant mom is the “Happiest Baby on the Block” book, or better yet the DVD.

Hope that helps!

mandoo says:

previous = precious. Sorry!

mandoo says:

Little Sophie is previous and I’m glad you had the dress rehearsal!

I was wondering, following your last post, if you’d be willing to list the books that you found most helpful and most unhelpful in preparing, planning, etc for labor and delivery! I know everyone gets the “What to Expect” book one way or another, but surely there are better books that real, modern women use! I’d love to have a list handy to get my friends, but being child-less myself, always have a hard time coming up with ideas.