Baby Shower Photos!

My baby shower was absolutely incredible. My best friend Alexis, my parents and my friend Gale did such an amazing job, it was like a small wedding.

First of all, the theme was astrology as in “What’s in the Stars for Baby Jasper?” which is perfect for me because I used to study astrology and its something I really love.

I wish I had pictures of the invitations that my amazing friend Michele designed and the astrology themed decorations like star patio lights and large sun emblems. But it was such a well done theme, and to top it all off, they hired an astrologer to do 10 minute mini readings for everyone at the party! Incredible.

The best part? Not a single silly shower game. I love that they knew I’d hate that.

Here are some pictures:

Tables set up outside

Me and Jeff under the arch

Opening gifts on the Lawn on my “throne”.. oh look, there’s one of the sun emblems behind me!

Jay and Sarah’s dog Gertie checks out the loot.

Jeff trying on the Baby Bjorn that Jay and Sarah tricked out for him. He didn’t want to take it off.

Little cousins playing with bubbles on the lawn.

Me on my way to get my astrology reading down by the pool. Included so you can see the ginormous belly!


Grandmom and mom to be.

Beautiful Cake! Mom said it was the same cake that we had at our High School Graduation.

Pregnant ladies are allowed to stick their forks right into the cake right? ;)

I have three videos too that I will post in the next post. All in all it was an incredible day and we feel so blessed to have the incredible friends and family that we do. Thanks everyone!

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Kayla says:

Wow, now THAT is a shower. Very nicely done! And, broken record here, I love your dress. You look great!

Jill says:

Wow, they did a fabulous job! Looks like you had great weather too! You look great!

Mom Quixote says:

I have two pregnant friends at the moment. One had a “traditional” shower last weekend and the other one will have a general party in the months to come. They can both be fun, but I guess the types of showers are suited for different kinds of people, no?

Yours sounds (and looks) like a dream!

39 days to go: woot! I can’t wait to see pictures of your little angel…

ariana says:

Thanks Toast, it was a $24 dress from Forever 21 (Shhhh, don’t tell!)

Toast 2 Mom says:

You look GORGEOUS! What a fantastic dress. This looked like a perfect shower!

Farah says:

You guys are so cute! That Baby Bjorn ROCKS OUT!!

tryingin2007 says:

how great! what a nice party. I love, love, LOVE the baby bjorn. so cool! b’s favorite gift was a black ramones onesie. he would really dig (and possibly wear) your version with the skull and beastie boys logo. and you look so pretty — not sweaty at all ;)

Dawn says:

I’ve been dying for your review! It’s beautiful was so perfect for you and Jeff (and Jasper)! You look incredible and I absolutely love the Baby Bjorn. What a great – and perfect – idea! Glad you had a good time!

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