Crib & Bassinet

Jeff’s softball game was canceled last night, so I cajoled him into setting up the crib!

Baby Mod Park Lane Crib

It’s actually surprisingly good quality and sturdy. There was a little mishap with confusing sets of screws.. if you accidentally switch the screws that were meant for the metal pieces that hold and adjust the mattress height on the the track that holds in the bottom drawers, the piece will seem like it’s finished and fine, but the bottom drawer won’t close.

After Jeff tried forcing it multiple times while I looked on in horror (YOU’RE GOING TO BREAK IT!!!) he finally conceded that something must be on wrong.. and noticed that it was the screws keeping the drawer from going in and realized the mistake.

Apparently the directions aren’t too clear in this regard, because reading the Walmart review of the crib we are not the first people to have made that error.

At any rate, it’s fine now and looks great. My only confusion is over how the bumper gets secured in the corners.. there’s no open slat in the corners to string it through! You can see where I tied them in the front in the center of the railings, and same in the back. But there’s really no way to secure them to the sides that I can see…

Where do you tie the bumper in on the corners?? 

I find this odd given that the crib is SHOWN with bumpers in the product picture, in fact they use the same bedding set we have! Why don’t the manufacturers  put in a little hole to string the bumper through at the corner? I don’t get it.

I guess it doesn’t matter too too much because we plan on having Jasper sleep in our room for the first 0-? months in the co-sleeper he got as a hand me down from Daphne:

By the time he’s old enough to get moved into his crib, he’ll probably be able to move around enough that we’ll have to take the bumper out anyway… so it’s almost purely decorative. Still, I’d like to know how it’s supposed to go on.

Any insights?

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Devon says:

Is this the same crib that is sold at Albee baby under the name baby Miro by DaVinci? or at Target under the name DaVinci Mercer crib? They all look exactly the same by the Baby Mod Parklane sold at Walmart is considerably less expensive so I’m inclined to go that route but concerned that its made of different materials, or has cheap hardware. Any suggestions?

ariana says:

Devon, it is indeed! I think the colors/finishes are slightly different but yes, from what I can tell they are exactly the same.. but then again I never saw the others in person, so I can’t say for sure there are no differences in quality. I can say that we love our crib and don’t find anything cheap about it. I don’t hesitate to recommend it!

ariana says:

Hi Kayla,
I’ve heard all the stuff about suffocation and bumpers, which is why we’ll probably remove them once he moves from the bassinet to the crib, but it will pain me to take them off ;)

I read about bumper as valance somewhere too, but I’m not a huge fan of valences, nor am I that crafty. Great idea for those who are though!

Kayla says:

I didn’t even bother with a bumper. Or crib bedding. I bought a 2 pack of white crib sheets and called it good. Bumpers are suffocation hazards and then they become step stools. And quilts are suffocation hazards. And pillows are suffocation hazards. When it comes to babies, AIR is a suffocation hazard. So I got frustrated and forewent the whole shebang and my bank account was happy.

I totally love your crib bedding though. I have no clue how to get your bumper on there but I love it anyway. I recently saw a post on someone’s blog somewhere about using the bumper for a window valance. Still get to use cute bedding without feeling like you might be contributing to your child’s early demise.

ariana says:

Well, I’m glad it’s not just me!

I guess it will come out when Jasper graduates from the bassinet to the crib. So sad because it is the cutest part of the bedding :(

D, wish your little man a happy b’day for me too!

Dawn says:

Many cribs have this problem. You basically have to decide where it is most strategic to tie the bumper to the crib, knowing the corners are not an option. Honestly though the bumper is mostly cosmetic. It’s functional when they can roll (although some people take them out then because of safety concerns) and it’s a nightmare when they can stand (nightmare or step stool to hoist yourself out depending on how adventurous you’re kid ends up being). Anyway, we all feel your pain. Bumpers and cribs were not made by the same person for sure!

Also wanted to wish Jeff a very happy birthday!

Melanie says:

My crib also was not compatable with a bumper. There was no way to tie it in, even though the picture online showed a bumper in it. But also, all of the infant care classes we took at the hospital said the new SIDS awareness guidlines say that not using a bumper reduces the risk of SIDS, so we are going bumper free even though Zoe is sleeping in the crib. They are swaddled when they are so little and then can’t even move, so I don’t worry that she’ll poke an arm through or anything!

ariana says:

Yeah, actually it’s upside down AND inside out! We don’t have the crib mattress yet, so I couldn’t put on the sheet which has the same pattern as the inside of the bumper.. so for the sake of it looking nice for now I just reversed it. But it doesn’t effect the tying in because there are ties on the bottom and the top :)

anon says:

I guessing this won’t change the securing of the ends, but it looks like the bumper might be upsidedown?