Our Crib Has Arrived!

I ordered our crib last week from Walmart using the site to store option.. the estimated arrival was set for this tuesday, but I got an email that its there today already!

That means that we can go pick it up and put it together Sunday, so hopefully I’ll have pictures of that for Monday.

In the meantime I’ve been posting over at becoming-home about my nursery decorating ideas and finally think I’ve gotten somewhere, here’s the photoshop plan:

The Lamp in the picture only takes a 25w bulb though, that seems rather ridiculous doesn’t it?

I also received notice that my soft lime Savanah Roman Shades were shipped from JC Penney. Should receive those sometime early next week. I just wanted to let y’all mom-to-bes know that these shades are on sale at JCP just incase you were stumped like me trying to find shades in various solid colors.

There was lots of concern from the commenters at becoming-home about me taking on the mural project at this point in the pregnancy and wall decals were suggested as an option for the tree.. that sent me off researching and I had NO idea there were so many custom vinyl wall decal companies!

You can essentially get any design or even photograph printed as a wall decal for really reasonable prices.

Here are just a few of the companies that I found doing this in case you are interested in something similar:

Reuseable Vinyl Decals from Wallhogs.com

Regular Vinyl Wall Decals from Customvinyl.com (they even have some examples of nursery applications)



Even Blik does custom jobs, but I don’t know how reasonable they are.

I have to say though, the idea of wielding a ginormous 4-5 foot sticker actually may frighten me MORE than the idea of just buying a cheap artograph tracer or other projector and painting one one.. but maybe I’m being stubborn?

In any event, I spent hours and hours combing overstock.com for nice vector tree illustrations either to buy and use or as inspiration for Jeff to illustrate something (he is after all an illustrator!)

I made my lightbox public, you can see it here if you also were thinking about doing a tree mural.

Have a great weekend, hopefully I’ll be back Monday with lots of cute pics of baby Gemma and Daphne from our BBQ tomorrow..

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leanne says:

Thank you so much for recommending us on your blog. However, our website has a typo… it is CustomVinylGraphics.com. Thanks again!

Dyan says:

If you’ve not already, check out uppercaseliving.com. They have some beautiful ideas.

ariana says:

Thanks Katie,I haven’t ruled it out, still trying to decide, but I’m really glad to hear it’s not so bad to put them up!

Katie says:

I think a hand painted mural would be great, especially in the nursery. It could be really personal for all three of you! Designing, painting, and enjoying!

I just don’t want you to count out the wall decals because of the application process. It is actually pretty simple.

Here’s a video of how to hang them… http://www.youtube.com/user/whatisblik

Katie says:

I’m being quite vocal today. But I really love the wall decals and they are easy to apply. So if you do custom or buy from someone, I wouldn’t be scared of the application. They come on a sheet of paper similar to wax paper so you can tape the sheets up on the wall exactly where you want them. Some are even cut into smaller pieces and you can tape each individual sheet where you want… or the whole big page. Then you rub it on (firm pressure and way more than you think you should). Once you’re confident you’ve rubbed all over and especially edges and around corners and small pieces, you peel away the backing you had taped up. Presto – custom wall art! I’ve used Blik and Wonderful Graffiti and been more than pleased with the application process AND end result.