Let’s Talk Registries!

I must admit that I was procrastinating on this registry stuff as long as possible.

Let’s face it, registering for baby stuff is NOT like registering for wedding gifts. Registering for wedding gifts is like going to a fun theme park, you know what your favorite rides are, you’ve been there before and you’ve been looking forward to this visit for a while.

In contrast, registering for baby stuff is like going to a country where everyone has three heads and you don’t speak the language.  I need a whoosiboppybumboswaddle what??

This is where having girlfriends who have just become new moms is absolutely priceless. My friend Tracy (Gemma’s mommy) actually just logged into my BRU registry and added everything she thought I should have, and she even picked colors I like to boot! Doesn’t get any better than that. And if there’s something I’m not sure about I can always delete or change it.  (She lives a little over an hour away from me, otherwise we would have made a fun afternoon out of it in person.)

Now..where to register?

Obviously Babies R Us has a pretty big corner on this market. But, they certainly don’t have everything. For example a Graco Snugride in Red, or the baby mod crib that I decided on from Walmart.. or the fancy stroller you can only get at amazon.com. Clearly you don’t want to give your guests a list of 10 stores you are registered at..

That’s where Amazing Registry comes in!

It can be a bit buggy at times, but the concept is pure genius. Create an account, tell it which stores out of the 10 or so it is compatible with (including Amazon, Target, Walmart, BRU, Land of Nod, PBK , Babycenter etc.) you have a registry with and it will automatically fetch those registries and list all the items on one convenient page with a customizable URL that you can give to your guests.

There was one other “metaregistry” like this one that I looked at, but you weren’t actually registering with each of the stores like you would normally. The downside to that is that you want your guests to be able to shop in store and also you want to get that completion coupon of course! (Speaking of which, I fudged my due date up a month to get those a month early, I wonder if everyone will be alarmed?)

So to me, Amazing Registry was the clear winner.  Try it, I think you’ll like it!

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ariana says:

Claudia, I looked at myregistry.com too. I think that’s the one I was referring to where it didn’t seem that you would get the completion coupons, let me know if I’m wrong though!

ariana says:

I know, I know!! I’m a horrible person! At least you still love me either way… :)

Alexis says:

I cannot belive that you would buy anything from Walmart! What is going on? Remember that where you spend your money sends a louder message than anything else you can do. Remember how you felt watching that movie we went to in Florida about the small mom and pops being distroyed by that evil company? Just think before you do it. I still love you either way.

Claudia says:

I used myregistry.com, but the one you mention sounds better.

Farah says:

Now that is pure genius. I only wish i knew about that because I liked certain items from other stores but did not want to juggle 3 or 4 different registries. I left off the stuff i didn’t like from bru and told a few family members what i liked from target – but your way is just pure genius!