Test Results Just In..

Thanks for all your well wishes from my last post.

I finally called in to see if they had my blood work results back.  After the usual bumbling fumbling of my name etc, they couldn’t find them so said they would call me back.

A while later the doc himself calls (wow, that’s a first!) and tells me that my blood tests show I’m anemic, and there are many viruses that can cause anemia, so I need to be tested again in two weeks.

“Viruses like pregnancy?” I ask (half joking).

“Your not pregnant!” He proceeds to tell me.  Uh ok. You’ve just confirmed every suspicion I’ve ever had about doctors NEVER reading patients’ charts.

Glad we have that cleared up.

I go on to tell him that I had come back anemic from the first trimester blood tests and that my OB had told me they’d “check it again later in pregnancy.” On a side note, I get more and more pissed that at my last OB visit they didn’t mention that as a possible reason for my extreme fatigue. (See two paragraphs up about never reading patients’ charts.)

I ask him specifically about the CMV results. He says they are “high for CMV” but that it looks like an old infection. He aslo says I’m high for Epstein Barr, but also an old infection. 

I mention to him that I’m very concerned about the CMV results, that its quite bad for the baby if the mother does contract a primary CMV infection during pregnancy.

“I don’t know anything about that” he says.

Even more reason my stupid OBs office should have taken care of this to begin with. GRRRR.

So bottom line is we know that I’m anemic (no surprise there given previous test results) and that I have antibodies for both epstein barr and CMV. I will have repeat testing done, which from what I read is really the only way to know if what you have is an “accute” infection.

Given how I currently feel about both my OB and this primary care doc, I’m not sure I trust EITHER of them to make the definitive diagnosis of primary vs. old infection because:

A) They have both proven to slightly incompetant

B) These diagnoses are pretty hard to make to begin with and

C) None of the docs in my OB practice or Primary care practice are Dr. House. I mean they barely seem to have a grasp of their own area of “expertise” let alone virology or immunology!

I’m not sure anyone will correctly be able to interpret my blood results, but obviously I’ll have the repeat test done in a few weeks.

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ariana says:

Lor, thank you for posting your story! My IGG was postive, but my IGM was interpreted as negative even though it showed up as .39 (the range is 0-.89 for negative I guess) though right below it it says the results from any one IgM assay should not be used as a sole determinant of a current or recent infection.. reliance on a single test result could be misleading. etc etc.

Lor says:

I had CMV (primary infection) while pregnant. What I can tell you is that your doctor can test for CMV IgG and IgM (antibody) levels. IgG shows that you have had CMV at some point in the past (which most people have had). IgM shows recent infections. No worries if your IgG is positive, but it is more worriesome if your IgM is positive.

A primary infection (IgG and IgM negative that later become positive) has a 30-40% fetal CMV transmission rate but only 10% of those children show signs of CMV (which is usually manifested by hearing loss).

A secondary infection (IgG positive and IgM negative initially with conversion to IgM positive) has about a 1% fetal transmission rate.

Overall, a very low transmission rates but scary nonetheless.

I would look into seeing if you have a high risk OB that specializes in infectious disease in the area.

Good luck. BTW, I had primary CMV infection while pregnant with twins and they were unaffected. They are now healthy preschoolers.

ariana says:

Hi Jen, of course I remember you! Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.

D and Farah, I’ll keep you posted!

Dawn says:

I’ve been so worried about you! Glad nothing crazy showed up on your results but sorry nothing really showed up on your results. Have lots of red meat and let us know how your next test goes! Hugs to you!

Farah says:

Good Lord – are we going to the same OB’s office? or does no one read charts anymore? Iwish i knew what to say. It’s so hard to “just relax” when no one can offer you any re-assurance. I just want to give you a hug. Take care of yourself

jen says:

hey ari!!! this is jen…you may remember me from the knot (JenR1107) or the nest (SouthMiamiWifeJen). anyway, i came across your blog a while ago and i love it! i’ve been keeping up with this one as well as your decorating one. when i read about your possible infection last week, i was freaking out for you! i have been so worried. you’ve been in my prayers, and i am SO relieved to hear today that things sound like they’re okay. that is terrible about your doctors. i would definitely get a 2nd opinion if i were you. you really deserve the best treatment available. good luck, sweetie.