Pregnacy Podcasts – they’re Pregtastic!

I’m a big podcast listener. Mostly I am just a public radio junkie who doesn’t spend enough time in her car to get her daily fill, so I subscribe to several podcasts (This American Life and Fresh Air being the ones I can’t live without!) and was thrilled to discover an excellent pregnancy podcast.

As you might have guessed by the title of this post, its called Pregtastic, and its about an hours worth of pregnant women in varying stages of pregnancy discussing their ups and downs and a topic of the week often with a guest expert. Topics I’ve listened to are on circumcision, picking a pediatrician, putting together your registry, etc. etc.

You can visit the pregtastic website to subscribe to the podcasts, or, search the itunes podcast directory for pregtastic and sign up there.

Since discovering pregtastic, my workouts have become much more enjoyable. Plus I feel like I’m learning something too. Enjoy!

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Katherine says:

I am a loyal fan as well! I love that many of the medical experts they have on the show are from UCSD, where I went to college!!