My Glider Deal (Steal) of the Century

As all of you know, the nursery necessity that can really blow your budget is the Glider.

I have to laugh a little when writing that because I can remember asking my friend Dawn a few years ago what the hell a glider was when I heard her talking about it with a pregnant friend!

For anyone reading who may not be schooled in pregnancy speak, a glider is a chair that instead of rocking back and forth glides parallel to the floor in a sort of front to back motion and is supposed to be ideal for nursing. Most often they are purchased with an accompanying ottoman.

A glider & ottoman combo from the preeminent glider manufacturer Dutalier can easily run you in the range of $700-$800 depending on the model and options (does it also swivel, does it recline etc).

The crazy thing is, for the most part they are pretty fugly. At least I think so..They look like overgrown wooden porch rockers wrapped in batting. To me, gliders are the ceiling fans of the baby worlds, an unfortunate but necessary evil. Most look something like this:

Unless of course you get the slipcovered upholstered armchair versions like this one from Land of Nod (*swoon!*):

And believe me, if I a) had the money (it’s $1198 BEFORE shipping for this combo) and b) had the space, I would snap that baby up in a second..

But, I don’t. So I was unbelievably excited when I saw a glider at a group consignment sale near me last weekend.. it wasn’t the upholstered kind I lust after, but it was the perfect color (natural wood with ivory cushions) and it was one of Dutailier’s higher end models.. the kind that reclines and the cushions come completely off for cleaning (most of the cheaper ones at BRU don’t, so if you get white I can’t imagine how you keep them clean!) and it even came with a slip cover which is really really rare. Unfortunately, the slip cover was pink.. and the price tag was $250.

Now $250 is obviously better than the $800 or so that model would run me new, but you can also get really low end Dutailier models from for about $170 so I wasn’t totally convinced.

But then I learned that in the evening of the last day of the show, anything that was left over and didn’t have a red star on it would be half price. For $125 it was a complete no brainer. The catch of course was that it might not still be there by then….

So I left it up to fate.

If the glider was still there when I returned the next night I would buy it. If not, I would continue searching and figure it wasn’t meant to be.

It was there! And that is the rather long story of how I scored this perfect condition Dutailier “Comfort Plus Sleigh Back Glider” reclining glider for about 1/10th of what it is worth:

My consignment sale score.. Dutailier glider & ottoman for $125!

If I had not stumbled upon this consignment sale by accident (you can check this website for seasonal consignment sales in your state) my next choice would have been one of these Upholstered Dutailier armchair gliders from

(About $374 for the glider & $204 for the ottoman with free shipping.).

And looking at them, I sort of still pine after that upholstered look… but still, $125 was just too good to pass up!

What have you all decided on for gliders?

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ariana says:

Well, mine’s the “ugly” kind too. Glad to hear they have a life beyond baby… I’m pretty attached to mine already. Gliding is quite addictive! I don’t know what brand you have, but they do sell the ottomans separately for Dutailiers, and I’m sure some others..

Claudia says:

I got a hand-me-down from my friend (she never really used it). It’s the ugly kind, but for the price of zero dollars, you can’t beat that. My son is 2.5 and I still use it everynight to read him a story and snuggle. I will use the same one with my second son that is due in August.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the ottoman anymore (vomit incident) though and I don’t think they sell the foot piece by itself.

ariana says:

D, if you tell me you have something resembling that land of nod glider I’m driving down to Boca right now to steal it!!

I’m not surprised you don’t remember, I think it was at a nestie GTG. It was just one of those moments when I realized there was a whole other world out there of stuff I had (still have for the most part) no idea about :)

Hey, how was your NT scan? I wanna see some pics!

Dawn says:

What a bargain! I love my upholstered glider but if I had it to do over again I would buy a LaZBoy. I had no idea how much time you spend SLEEPING in the glider with your new baby and mine doesn’t recline so it’s not as comfortable as it could be. It’s great that the arms of your chair are padded and covered by the way, that’s my biggest complaint with non upholstered chairs.

I don’t remember the “what’s a glider?” conversation but I’m sure you’ll get an opportunity to teach some poor soul the ins and outs of lingo, baby gear, and diaper goo someday and you’ll laugh on the inside at how “naive” they are. I promise! :)

ariana says:

Its funny how the glider costs more than the rest of the nursery furniture combined isn’t it?

It’s a crime how well that Land of Nod Glider matches the Migi Beddding..must. stop. looking. at. it. !

Farah says:

That is a great buy!! I am shoping for something like that as well! Thanks for the ideas