Bring Back the Brown!

From the comments on this blog and discussions I read on message boards the brown organic Mix n Match baby bedding from Gap was an overwhelming hit. So much so, that thanks to Auburn I was alerted to the fact that it was GONE off the Gap site the very same day!

Wow, that was fast.

I have to wonder from a marketing point of view why in the world Gap wouldn’t simply say “out of stock” rather than completely remove the sold out colors from their site. Particularly since so many people are seeing it for the first time and will now leave with the impression that the available colors are extremely limited (the blue versions seem to be gone from many styles as well.)

I emailed Gap customer service to see if the removal signified that they wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon and i’ll keep you all posted when I get a response.

In the meantime..

I was contacted by uber talented blogger Jennifer Ramos recently and while surfing her amazing blog MadeByGirl I spotted her adorable ABC kids prints. I  couldn’t help but think how perfectly this one would compliment the Baby Gap brown bedding:

Jennifer Ramos Love print, available on Etsy – $39

If the brown bedding never returns, don’t despair! There are pink, blue and even a beautiful gender-neutral yellow prints available as well:

So, I guess maybe I’ll be going with the MiGi Pinwheel bedding after all. I suppose I should be grateful the decision was made for me. One less thing to agonize over!

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haha thats funny… its really something to see that grow…great idea who ever made that little image.

Jen Ramos
‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’

ariana says:

Hi Angie, you made it. I love your blog BTW. (You may just inspire me to be more daring in my culinary pursuits ..)

Love that alphabet bedding too, thanks for the link!

Angie says:

I love the brown! I saw this and thought of you. . . enjoy :)

ariana says:

Lol Jennifer, The babystrology thing looks ok now, but it was potitively creepy the first few months – the baby looked like a floating worm! ;)

P.S. I LOVE the babystrology thing you have on your blog, that is soo cute!

Jen Ramos
‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’

Thanks soo much for the mention , very kind of you. : )

Farah says:

I loved both choices – sorry your decision was made for you . I do think the pinwheel is a good choice also. Soft and delicate!