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Move over PB Kids and Land of Nod, there’s a new kid in town, Baby Gap has finally released it’s much anticipated “Home” line, which includes bedding collections, blankets and accessories. And, unlike the disappointing PBK spring styles, these ones are actually quite adorable!

The bedding collection comes in 4 styles, my favorite by far is this “Baby Safari” set, which is definitely neutral enough to be unisex, but would probably even pass muster with my “nothing is manly enough for my son” husband.

The real standout though is their mix n match organic bedding which breaks the “organic fabrics must be boring” mold. Here, bold polka dots, graphic animal shapes and intense colors (not to mention the 300 thread count!) put the fun back in organic and offer a variety of color and design options for decorating your baby’s nursery.

Here is a small sampling:

Safari organic crib sheet in blue (also comes in other colors).

Organic print crib sheets, available in several colors. The browns show above coordinates nicely with the brown bumper and crib skirt shown below:

Organic Bumper in Brown

Organic crib skirt in brown.

For coordinating blankets, there are no organic options, but at least the colors and designs match as in the embroidered monkey quilt above.

Though I chose the brown options to show above, each of those prints is available in 3 colorways, pink, blue and brown. The coordinating bumpers and and crib skirts are available in what they call “blue” (which is really a navy blue), pink, green and brown making the mix n match possibilities endless! No where on their site do they show these Mix n Match coordinated pieces together in some suggested combination so you have to use your imagination (or photoshop!) to visualize what these would look like in a nursery.

All in all its an impressive debut and it’s very nice to have another player in the baby bedding world that is committed to natural materials, decent prices and cute designs.


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Found It says:

We were reading these posts and wanted to share with you all that we were able to find the safari set at the Baby Gap Home store in Costa Mesa, CA. They had a few more in stock, so you may want to call and check. Good luck

ariana says:

They are sold out! According to the banner on the website though they should be back in stock at some point.

ferdinand says:

I can’t find Organic print crib sheets in brown with animal?? on the gap web site do you know where I can find it?

ariana says:

Wow Auburn you are right, WTF?? I can’t imagine that even if it sold out they wouldn’t leave it up there and say out of stock, but who knows? Strangely the bumper is still available but not the rest.. Hopefully its just a temporary glitch! Wow, I’m glad I downloaded the images and put them on my flickr account or they may have disappeared too!

ariana says:

P, I totally agree! I’m a bit of a design snob myself. Now I have to decide if I like this better than the MiGi pinwheel I had my heart set on. The nice thing about these is because everything is so coordinated you really can mix and match and have more than one look. Oh the decisions!!

Auburn says:

All the brown collection seems to have disappeared from their website already. I was all ready to order it this morning, just went back and it’s gone? Could it have sold out that quickly?

tryingin2007 says:

I’m lovin’ the brown! it’ll look great with either pink or blue. but for the moment it will look fab with a gender neutral apple green (our wedding colors.)

I so love this stuff! finally some decent designs! I’m a total design snob. :)

Farah says:

OH, I’m in love