Insurance Saga is Finally Over!

I don’t know if you remember, or were reading back then so here’s a quick summary..

My Gonal-F (inferitlity) injectable meds were supposed to be covered by Oxford, my insurer at the time. The catch was it was going to be covered under the medical part of my plan, not the prescription drug part and that I would have to order and pay for the meds up front, but oxford would reimburse me after I submitted a claim to them. They said this process typically takes a month or so.


Fast forward about three months and I FINALLY get a check from them, which is when I wrote about it last, but (because this is the world of insurance and nothing is ever as it should be) its was only for 80% of the $3200 instead of the full amount.

Turns out that Freedom Drug (Freedom Fertility Pharmacy) was supposed to give me a 20% discount when I first ordered the meds because I was an Oxford member, but they didn’t. So Oxford told me I had to get the rest of the money back from Freedom Drug.  ARRRRRGRRRR!!!

After months of back and forth, which consisted of them “not realizing” they were a participating provider with United and thus Oxford, of Oxford actually having to MAIL a copy of their contract to them to prove it etc. etc. I finally just today received a check for the $640 that I should never have been charged in the first place.

So, the $3200 baby (who would of course be worth every penny and a million times that) almost six months later is now the free baby and I have a check for $640 burning a hole in my pocket..

There are SO many ways we need to spend that money.. (but that will be the subject of my next post) and it feels like now that I can now, temporary at least, close the book on the “infertile” chapter of my life and look forward instead of back.

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ariana says:

Thanks Farah!

Katherine, that’s wonderful!! Now we can share decorating ideas :) Sorry about the anti-climactic U/S.. you’re so right about the frontal shots looking like skeletor. I never got one of those but I recently saw one from a friend. but like you said the important thing is he’s healthy and has all his parts as you say. It’s weird having a boy in there right? It really reinforces that there is an “other” being.. with it’s whole own gender and everything.

Katherine says:

Hey there! Glad you got some money back.
I know you wanted me to post my ultrasound results so…We are having a boy, too! It was a very odd and uneventful ultrasound. The technician was foreign and mumbled a lot. The baby never posed for a cute profile, so instead we came home with a frontal-face view, looking like Skeletor. Oh well. He’s got all his parts and he moves and flips around like crazy. So we are happy. Now i have to get used to the idea of “my son”.

Farah says:

Holy Cow, I’m so jealous! Congrats on getting reimbursed.