Half Way!

This past Sunday marked 20 weeks which means I am now officially half way through my pregnancy. Jeff rolls his eyes and says “This is taking so damn long!”

We are not patient people.

So with the Big U/S results I got distracted from posting about the baby moon.. ah.. the babymoon.

Here are my two favorite pictures, both courtesy of our friend Walter who is an amazing photographer:

I am a lucky woman!

Yes, there is some weird wind related Cyndi Lauper thing going on with my hair!

Astute readers will also notice I am wearing one of the swimsuit cover ups from Target I posted about a few weeks ago.

Before Jeff met me in Miami, I went on a 3-day cruise from Miami to the Bahamas with my mom, my sister, my aunt and my grandmother to celebrate her 85th birthday. I brought along my Flip video recorder and camera of course. I decided I would make a little video of the trip to give to my gramma for her birthday. I wanted to learn how to do this anyway for when baby arrives.

I’m pretty happy with it for my first attempt at doing one of these, let me know what you think:

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Emily says:

Awesome job! You looked beautiful in your new clothes and also very relaxed. Maybe you should take that video to the hospital with you?

Dawn says:

You did a great job on the video! You look amazing! I loved watching your cruise festivities, it seems like everyone had a great time – despite the weather.

Miss you already! Hugs!

ariana says:

Lol Morgan, yes, my sister is quite the looker. (She used to model for Ford.) I always say its a good thing we are are 8 years apart or it would have been seriously traumatic for me growing up! Luckily she’s such a wonderful person that I’m only occassionally jealous :)

Sara, yes, the belly is quite something to behold.. and its even bigger now. I can’t even imagine how big I’ll be at the end!

Kathernine, I get the stares too! Its the worst at the gym.. its like they’ve never seen a pregnant woman before. Or maybe just not lifting weights? Anyway, I can’t wait to hear what you’re having!!! Come back and post K?

Katherine says:

Ari, you are looking great pregnant!! I hit 20 weeks today. We are so close in pregnancies!! I got out of the shower this morning, put my sweats back on and said to my hubby, “Dude, look at this baby. He or she is really showing itself!” People have started to stare at me at the gym, at Trader Joes. But can you blame them? :) On my way to the big ultrasound in about 15 minutes!

Sara says:

Girl, look at that belly! Love it! Congrats on reaching 20 weeks. Your trip looks like it was fabulous.

Morgan says:

Loved it. Im a frequent reader and was super excited for you about having a boy! This video is really sweet and the music to it is just great. You looked cute in all your new summer clothes. Oh and your sisters leggs are a mile long.