Big Ultrasound Results….

Yes, we are in complete shock!

So much for intuition. I actually just realized that there was one person close to me who got it right. Before I even got pregnant, my best friend Alexis had a dream that I had a boy on St. Patricks Day. Obviously I’m not having him on St. Patrick’s day, but I did find out it was a boy the day after. Hmmm…

We are just so thrilled that the baby looked perfectly healthy according to the U/S tech. Heart rate is 140, and he is measuring exactly to the day, which he was too at the first scan. (So where exactly is all that excess weight going? – oh yeah, to my butt!) We saw the brain, all four chambers of the heart, the stomach, bowel, kidneys, eyes, nose, all 10 fingers and toes and of course, the money shot.

Little Jack was cooperating and I think even posing, as I must say, these are some of the best ultrasound pics I’ve seen (yes, a proud mamma already!)

See for yourself:

Is it possible that he already looks like his daddy (i.e handsome??)

Looking long limbed and cramped in mommy’s uterus!¬†

Sucking his little thumb – show off!

We are so, so in love….

And now, let the shopping begin!

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Sarah Rogers says:

What a perfect and handsome little man for my Daphne. I cant wait to meet him!!! Super cute already and as Amy would say i want to punch him in the face. Lots of love to the whole family :)

Congratulations! Little boys are awesome! I’m sure girls are too, but I have a boy. I can tell you boy = so much fun!

Stephanie says:

Hooray! Congrats!

Alexis says:

Just like I dreamed him. Can’t wait to see him in person.

Joni Webb says:

omg!!! I love this! those pictures and sucking his thumb, tooooooo cute!!! Mazel Tov!


ariana says:

Thank you all so much.. I think I am still in shock, but we are of course thrilled!

Claudia says:

Woohoo! Little boys are great, but I’m biased. Ha ha. He looks cute already!

Sara says:

Welcome to the boy club! He’s so handsome already-congrats!

Christina says:

Congratulations! Those are some great u/s pics! He definitely looks a bit crammed, but I’m sure he’s nice and cozy.

So much for that psychic.

Dawn says:

OMG! I cannot believe it! You’re going to LOVE having a boy. Trust me! And he has his pick from your circle. Congrats! I am in shock but I’m so happy for you!

Katherine says:

Excellent ultrasound pics! Congratulations!! I have my big ultrasound one week from today. Keep the blogging up please!

Emily says:

You can’t help but smile looking at those pictures! Congratulations!

Io says:

Congratulations! Those picture are fantastic! Now you have to totally rethink everything since it’s a boy!

Congratulations – what happy news. And I would have to agree, those are the most perfect ultrasound photos!

Farah says:

woo hoooo This is the year of the boys!!! Shopping has been the best part for me thus far!! My husband and i had that circumcision talk as well. I didn;t post it on my blog because it was something that I am not overly versed in and I didn’t want tons and tons and tons of assvice or advice either way. It’s something that you choice for your family. Good luck to you about that.

hayley says:

aw, congrats! you’ll love having a little boy, i’m sure–they certainly LOOOVE their mommas!

Kim says:

OMG!! Congratulations! And seriously, a perfect ultrasound!

ariana says:

I know! I’m so happy we can start “doing stuff”. But ugh, now I need to paint the nursery.. I loved the pink that it was! Oh, and we have to decide about circumcision. Double ugh! But still, totally over the moon :)

Melanie says:

Wow those are amazing U/S pics!! I had a feeling it was a boy ;-) I hope you guys are happy!!! Now the fun begins!! Buying all the little clothes, designing the nursery… time will start to fly now for sure!