Big Ultrasound in Less than 24 Hours

I can’t believe than in about 18 hours we will finally know if we are having a boy or a girl!  As usual before ultrasounds, I am nervous that we will discover something is wrong, and I am quite sure I won’t be getting any sleep tonight both from excitement and anxiety. Ahhhhhhh!

For the record, I am putting it in writing that both Jeff and I are predicting girl. We have both dreamt of a baby girl in the past couple of weeks.  I also adhere to the old wives tales of gaining everywhere, carrying high and generally having my beauty stolen when carrying a girl.

My mom, my sister, my boss, a psychic and our friends Justin and Amy have both said girl too. So given all of those predictions, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it turns out to be a boy just to prove us all wrong :)

Here is the psychic’s prediction, could be fun to look at this 25 years from now and see if any of it came true:

They tell me GIRL..

When it comes to your daughter I  would tell you that I see her as someone who likes to get things done. Not someone who is just going to sit around and do nothing or allow other people to do it and leave her sitting there.

She’s someone who likes to be involved in the discussion that takes place, always curious to what is happening around her and what she can do to help. Does not matter who it is, or what they need, shes always willing to give a helping hand.

Shes a very hardworker, the teachers will always comment about how much detail and time/effort she must put into her reports or projects as they are always done nicely, right to the point and easy for the teachers.

When it comes to career paths, I see your daughter in law, and that she works with a team of lawyers, usually dealing with large cases. On the side, I see her helping organize special events through the law office to help those in need. Usually the Christmas ones, and something to do with summer activities. I believe that they sponsor a camp for kids with disabilities, and its part of her “job” to get the word out for applicants who want to apply to attend.

When it comes to marriage I see her closer to 26, they will have two girls of their own.

Or, if we find out tomorrow that it’s a boy, we will know immediately that it’s all just rubbish. Until then., care to make your predictions here??

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Claudia says:

I’m not very good at predicting things so all I have to say is…Ooh how exciting! Make sure you post as soon as you know! My scan is next Wednesday. I’ve had 4 dreams that mine is a boy…so we’ll see.

Melanie says:

By the way you look, I would say boy, because you look low to me and I don’t see your weight anywhere other than your belly!! But then again, it’s hard to tell just by the picture! I hope it’s whatever gender you want it to be!! Can’t wait for your update tomorrow!

Farah says:

Ya know – everyone I told I was pregnant guessed girl and I had dreams of a baby girl. It’s weird. I am having a boy for the reasons you mentioned above – “just to prove um wrong”. So I bet you are having a girl – there can’t be 2 of us proving people wrong can there? Good luck tomorrow!