19 Weeks Belly Pic

19 Weeks

And I look like I’m carrying twins! Seriously, my belly button is already really shallow, threatening to pop out at any second.

And yes, this does mean we are back from our baby moon, a little burnt and weighing 5 lbs more (those damn cruise buffets!) It was wonderful though, the perfect relaxing vacation. More on that later..

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tryingin2007 says:

oooooh! look at you! what a cute belly! I’m glad you had a nice trip in the sun. I’m jealous.

ariana says:

Thanks girls..I’m so excited to almost be half way! Even though if I double in size I’m going to have issues :)

Melanie says:

you look amazing!!!! not at all like you’re having twins!! I also went on a cruise when I was about 23 weeks and I went to the doctor that next week and had gained 7 pounds! eeek!!!

Farah says:

Haooy 19 weeks. You look Fantastic don’t you fret!