Ultrasound, 7 Weeks 4 days.

Today was such an exciting day, we heard our baby’s heartbeat, I “graduated” from my RE, and will most likely get to stop taking those disgusting progesterone suppositories!

Dr. K started off the scan by zooming in so we could see how much blobby has grown in the past week and a half:

ultrasound 7 weeks 4 days

The entire baby is between the two plus signs (a whole 1.42 centimeters), the circle is NOT the head like Jeff thought it was, it is actually the yolk sac which is the source of the baby’s nutrients before the umbilical chord and placenta take over that function completely. Blobby was also measured for the first time today and is measuring one day ahead at 7 weeks and 5 days.

Then Dr. K zoomed back out and turned on the microphone:

ultrasound 7 weeks 4 days with heartbeat

Do you see that on the bottom? That is our baby’s heartbeat which we heard loud and clear! Dr. K. didn’t tell me the baby’s heart rate, but I see it on the picture on the top left – I think the machine automatically records it- and it’s 160! That’s really really good, so good I don’t even have to worry or obsess about it (for once!)

Dr. K also confirmed that my due date is indeed August 10th, which I just remembered (with a little help;) is my good friend Dawn’s birthday.. which is only fitting because her son Noah was born on Jeff’s birthday.

On my way out, I asked the doc about the polyp which he says is a non issue at this point. I also reminded him I only have one week of progesterone suppositories left and asked if I need more, etc. He said that pending the results of today’s progesterone level (assuming its not really low or anything) I can stop them today. Yay, no more messy underwear!!

It was a little strange walking out of my RE’s office for the last time today.. I really liked Dr. K even though I feel like sometimes I have to pull information out of him, he’s always been really kind and patient with all of my emails and questions. The staff there is also really sweet, and the nurse Lisa is a total expert at drawing blood and Lisandra at the front desk has always been really helpful. And the best part is I’ve never ever had to wait there longer than 10 minutes to be seen…

So thanks Dr. Klein and RMA of White Plains, you’ve been very good to us!

Update: Beta: 77,188, P4=36.1 which means no more suppositories.. my underwear are having a little party ;)

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Cindy says:

im 8 wks n 3 days n my ultrasound looks like urs with the yolk egg, i been upset thinkin something wrong, or i would miscarry. but seening urs n ur story has really made me feel better, seening u had a health baby!!!!!

Laura says:

I also go to Dr. K at RMA and he is wonderful. Couldn’t have asked for a better office. I am 7 weeks pregnant and also just heard the heartbeat.

Melanie says:

Happy new Year!! 2008 is gonna be a great year :-)

Io says:

Yay! Blobby looks great! Congratulations on your graduation from the RE!

Nat says:

Hi Ariana, I too have been following your journey and can relate to a lot of what you’re going through. Just wanted to say Congrats and send lots of sticky dust your way.

ariana says:

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that the injections/IUI combo works for you too… PS, I LOVE your blog, you have exquisite taste!

ariana says:

Awww, that’s a great idea!!

Lori says:

Thank you for the congrats!! I bought a onsie right after we got married and started trying that says “I love Daddy.” I’m going to wrap that with the first test I took and tell him I forgot to give him one of his Christmas presents. I can’t wait!

ariana says:

Of course I remember you Lori, Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you! How are you going to tell him?

Hi D! I loved your Christmas card.. Noah is such a cutie. I actually have always been surrounded by leo enegery, aside from you and Walter all my family has leo, my dad and his mom are leos, my mom has a leo moon, Jeff has Leo rising and I think my sister has a leo moon too. The Leo fire goes well with all my air ;)

Dawn says:

Woohoo for you! Congrats on the graduation and the good news about the suppositories. And thanks for the honorable mention ;) You’re going to love having a leo in the house!


Lori says:

Hi Ariana ~
I’ve commented on your blog a few times before, but I’m not sure if you’ll remember. I just had to comment today to tell you that I took a pregnancy test today (two actually) and they are POSITIVE! I still can’t believe it after trying for 15 months!! We were going to consult with a reproductive specialist in February if nothing happened by then. I’m going crazy because my husband is a firefighter and left for work this morning and won’t be home until Saturday morning! I can’t wait to tell him!! That’s why I had to come on here and tell you! lol!!
Congratulations on your “graduation” today and all the good news! Your blobby is just as cute as ever! :0)

Larkyn says:

Hi Ariana,
I found your site while searching for blogs about diminished ovarian reserve. The DH and I have been trying for 2 years come January and we start our first round of injectables + iui next weekend. I wanted to thank you for writing this blog because I can relate to everything you’ve said especially about the fertile friends. It has been the biggest challenge this month going to party after party with prego friends. At one party my option was hang with the 5 pregnant girls, the husbands who were talking about their pregnant wives or hang outside with the smokers. I never smoke and I smoked about 5 that night!
I am so glad you have a happy ending, I am excited and nervous for our journey to begin. I hope we will be lucky on the 1st try!

Jeff says:

I knew it wasn’t the head….. I was just testing you…

ariana says:

Thanks Maria! Its official, my p4 was 36.1 and I’m OFF those icky things – wooohooo!

Maria - MKC101103 says:

Congratulations and yeah for no more messy P4 suppositories!!!!