Spotting. Damn.

A little bit of brownish spotting last night on my pantyliner (that I’m still wearing all the time courtesy of the endometrin suppositories) and on the applicator when I used it last night and a bit again this morning. Plus the cramps came back a bit last night.

I know spotting can be “normal” and a quick internet search showed that up to 20-30% of women experience some sort of spotting during their first trimester. Ok.. so I’m not alone.

Then it goes on to say “Of those, 50% continue on to have healthy pregancies.”

What? 50%? Shit. I don’t like those odds at all.

We were supposed to wait until Thursday to have our next ultrasound, the one where we hopefully see the heartbeat.

I emailed Dr. Klein and told him about the spotting and that I’d like to come in Monday instead. I’m torn about that because I’ll be just 6 weeks and 1 day on Monday, so have a chance of seeing the heartbeat, but not as good a chance as if I waited to go in on Thursday.. I know myself and if we DON’T see a heartbeat on Monday I’ll be freaking out.

This sucks.

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hayley says:

hoping you are all hanging in there! take care of yourselves!

Lori says:

Praying that your spotting and worries go away and that you’ll hear your precious baby’s heartbeat loud and clear this week!!

Nat says:

Hi there,
I just wanted to say that spotting sucks and I hope you get no more for the rest of your pregnancy. Sending out good vibes to you and your husband. Take care.