Due Date Confusion

In my original excitement to finally be pregnant I found the first due date calculator google proffered and it was the kind that you put in the date of your last menstrual period (LMP method). That puts me a 5 weeks and 3 days today with a due date of August 12th.  But the LMP method, while the most widely used, is not really the most accurate. As an infertile who conceived with an IUI I at least have the advantage of knowing the exact day of ovulation which was November 18th, the day of my IUI.

So I googled again and found a calculator that lets you input your date of ovulation and I gained two days! This is because my cycles are unusually short. So today I am really 5 weeks and 5 days, and due August 10th instead of 12th.

I know it’s only two days, but I’ll take it because with each new week I enter I feel like my chances of miscarriage diminish a little bit more. Plus, this means that I’ll be 6 weeks and 4 days when I go for my next ultrasound and will almost certainly be able to see the heartbeat (assuming the pregnancy is healthy.)

If blobby and I can just make it through the next 6 days and it’s little heart starts beating and we see it on Thursday, my chances of miscarrying go down from 20% ish to a much more reassuring 5%.

The timing is also good because my best friend Alexis and her boyfriend Scott are coming to stay with us the following day.  Assuming everything looks fine I’m going to surprise her and some of our other friends that weekend!

I am feeling pretty good, better than yesterday anyway. Yesterday all morning I had what felt disturbingly like menstrual cramps. I know cramping is totally normal during pregnancy, but it’s still completely disconcerting.

I haven’t had real bouts of nausea just yet, but yesterday and today I have had a few fleeting moments of queasyness, which is probably a sign of what’s to come.  Though my mom said she didn’t have morning sickness with either me or my sister, so who knows? I may be spared that particular indignity.  Though when there are two sets of genes to choose from, I’ve tended to get the short end of the stick before, so I’m not overly optimistic on that account.  Hopefully this will be an exception!

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Dawn says:

August 10th is such a great day ::huge grin::

ariana says:

Thanks Hayley! I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed on that one.. though at the rate that I’m eating I may end up gaining 100 lbs with this pregnancy if I DON’T have morning sickness!

hayley says:

hi there! so glad to hear you’re still feeling well! i got period-like cramps, too–and constantly feared that it was the end of the road for the pregnancy…i think they finally started to fade as the second trimester set in. and lo and behold, noah is a handsome 13 months old now! :) and yes…morning sickness…i’d prefer not to go there. ;) hope you get the good genes on that one!

Melanie says:

Definitely don’t let your stomach get too empty, that seems to be when the nausea sets in for most :-) The cramps are totally normal and DO feel just like period cramps, fun right!? My doctor always keeps my dates the same based on LMP even though I knew it’s off by a few days. Once they start measuring the baby though, your weeks and days can change yet again, but they usually leave the “recorded” due date the same! But you’ll know in your mind what’s really going on!!!! Lots of sticky sticky baby dust!!

ariana says:

Hi Marybeth! I knew I could expect cramps too, but i guess i wasn’t prepared for them to feel SO much like menstrual cramps..I mean exactly like them. Its weird because it goes against 20 years of pavlovian conditioning: cramps = period.

I’ve heard that alot about hunger.. most women say they have to eat all the time to avoid morning sickness. Well, I’ve definitely got the eating all the time covered! :)

Marybeth says:

*waves* Hi! Me again :) With the LMP method I’m about 9 weeks along, and I’ve had cramps that have felt like menstrual cramps since I was 4 weeks pregnant. I was freaked out until I googled it, and found that LOTS of people experience the same thing. Not to worry, you’re not alone!

I’ve also found that the only time I get queasy is when I’m hungry. It’s weird, but if I have a few bites of something, I feel much better.

Best of luck! You’re going to have a beautiful baby!